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  1. Uke Republic

    Ukulele Mini Figs

    So this isn't my company but they have some Uke Republic themed figs. They also make a ukulele accessory you can use with a mini fig. Check em out
  2. Uke Republic

    Still in love with ukulele?

    I've been playing ukulele for years and I'm surrounded by ukuleles in our shop everyday but even on my days off I'm picking up ukulele. So I'd say I'm still in love with ukulele! Maybe obsessed :D How about you?
  3. Uke Republic

    Petey Mac and Ukester Brown @ Uke Republic June 18

    Looking for a good time? Well you won't want to miss the workshops and Jam sessions from Petey Mac and Ukester Brown! Dste - Saturday 6/18/16 Time - 1:00PM to 5:00 PM Where - Downstairs @ Uke Republic Uke Republic 5000 Austell Powder Springs Rd. Suite 290 Austell GA 30106 Cost - Recomended...
  4. Uke Republic

    Ukuleles being used in rehabilitation

    A close friend of mind who plays ukulele (seems like most do)wife has been admitted to Shepherds Center here in Atlanta for rehabilitation. She had become paralyzed even unable to breath on her own. I'm pleased to say she is taking a turn for the better. It is a slow road to recovery but she...
  5. Uke Republic

    Flea Bitten Dawgs and Ian Shaw @ Uke Republic 2/20/16

    Everybody's favorite trio the Flea Bitten Dawgs will perform at Uke Republic in Atlanta Georgia! Opening is the young talented lad, Ian Shaw! Starts at 7:00 PM 2/20/16 Tix are $10.00 Uke Republic's showroom will be open from 12:30-10:00PM for all your ukulele needs.
  6. Uke Republic

    Ken Middleton @ Uke Republic 1/30/16 Atlanta Georgia

    Ken Middleton ukulele extrordinaire will be performing and instructing a workshop (TBA) and performance at UKE Republic. 7:00 PM 1/30/16 Tickets $12.00 12 and under/ 99 and over FREE! Bring your ukulele or buy a new one at UKE Republic ;) This is a rare opportunity to see and hear Ken in the...
  7. Uke Republic

    NAMM Starts 1/21/16!

    Hope its not to early to start getting excited but can't wait to see all the new models coming out and hear all the music! Anyone else coming to NAMM?
  8. Uke Republic

    A few LoPrinzis coming in

    We rarely have LoPrinzis in stock so check out our page now and next week for some nice ones
  9. Uke Republic

    Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway in November

    Got to say that TBUG was a blast as usual! Great seeing everyone and hanging out. Can't wait until the 2016 gets under way!
  10. Uke Republic

    Braguinha Players in the House!

    Anyone else out there play the braguinha? I really like them and since they are related to ukulele it seems a natural fit for ukulele players.
  11. Uke Republic

    Waking up in the middle of night to play ukulele

    So this happens every now and then. Working on a tune for a day or so and theres that one part you just about have down but... So you go to bed and then you wake up at 3:00am and start to work on that part again and you get it! Now you can't go back to sleep until its time to get up! Ahhh! :)...
  12. Uke Republic

    Ukulele Strings and Underwear- Profound

    We change strings all the time here so I just gave my opinion on when to change strings on your ukulele and then like a bolt of lightning it hit me! Ukulele strings strings are a lot like underwear. Strings elasticity starts to go after a while but you don't realize at first. You tune them up...
  13. Uke Republic

    UAS Is Genetic

    So my family just had a little Disney time and who wants to hold a ukulele in all the pics? My youngest! It must be in the genes!
  14. Uke Republic

    Concert @ Uke Republic - Possum Kingdom Ramblers and Donna Frost

    If you want a fun show this is it! Starting @ 7:00 PM Oct. 3 Venue is The Atrium at Uke Republic and tickets are $10.00
  15. Uke Republic

    Living Water strings available at Uke Republic

    Hi everyone. We just wanted you to know that we have Living Water strings available at Uke Republic
  16. Uke Republic

    Ohana has a NEW!!!! Sopranino

    I wanted to share the all NEW!!!! cedar/rosewood sopranino. All solid with mahogany binding, gloss finish and Gotoh tuners. Retail $299.00,our price will be $189.00. We have custom fit cases and bags for these too.
  17. Uke Republic

    Vacations and ukuleles... Pics please!!!

    Its been a while since I've had a chance to post and just wanted to say hi. This has been a fun summer and so far and we have chalked up the miles. In June I had a great vacation/work (it was still great)week and of course we took instruments. Heres a pic in Florida. Got any vacation uke pics?
  18. Uke Republic

    Top creative reasons for needing a new ukulele

    We all need em and we all want em but whats been the most creative reason you have said or are currently saying to validate a new ukulele? " This koa really brings out my eyes."
  19. Uke Republic

    Ukuleles Struck By Strike!

    So if you didn't know about this there is a strike going on at Ports on the west coast of the US. So whats that got to do with ukuleles? Many of the manufactures are unable to get their instruments off the boats.For example several of Kala's models have been sold out from the holidays and are...
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