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  1. marymac

    YOUR MGM UKES: Post a Picture

    I had the Kala Acacia Tenor - the first solid wood uke I owned - until just a few weeks ago. Mike set it up perfectly and strung it up low-G. I loved that uke! Just recently sold it on to another enthusiastic beginner so Mike's work will continue to draw people in the aloha of the ukulele world.
  2. marymac

    OnSong On the Ipad: Anyone using this software?

    Looks like the in-app content is Acoustic Guitar Soundbank, Bass Guitar Soundbank and MIDI Integration.
  3. marymac

    LFdM Tux guitar with unique headstock

    Ok this isn't a uke, it's a guitar, but Luis makes ukes too so I'm posting it here. On his website Luis has pics of a new guitar he just built with a really unique headstock that looks like a harp. Check this out: I'm a sucker for this stuff. The guitar has other cool features but this...
  4. marymac

    Kala Acacia Tenor

    This is the very first uke I bought and I've held onto it for a few years for sentimental reasons but I think the time has come to pass it on to some other budding player. This is a fine example of one of the best ukes Kala ever made. Constructed of solid acacia wood this uke has a warm, rich...
  5. marymac

    FS: Collings Doghair Concert - pristine!

    Hi UUers - I have several ukes to sell this week to pay for the lovely LFdM uke I bought a few weeks ago and the Moore Bettah I bought this spring. First up is an absolutely pristine Collings UC2 Doghair Concert. I bought this Collings from Steve at Acoustic Music Works in Pittsburgh back in...
  6. marymac

    Baritones with radiused neck

    Here's an image of flat fretboard vs radiused
  7. marymac

    Looking for instructor in bay area

    I would call Gryphon Music in Palo Alto to ask about this. I've seen flyers there about uke classes but I can't remember if the lessons were on site. They do have a classroom there. In any case the folks at Gryphon can probably help. Good luck!
  8. marymac

    Anuenue Harp Ukulele by Pete Howlett

    These are few and far between; here's your chance to get one! I bought this from the very first batch made by Anuenue and it's been very well cared for so it's in like-new condition. The harp uke is a unique instrument. The body is a tenor scale uke and I have it tuned high G. The arm has 4...
  9. marymac

    Beansprout Concert Banjo

    Built by Aaron Keim before he joined forces with Mya Moe, this little lovely is one he built for his wife. It's stained a beautiful red from it's handbuilt maple body to the birdseye maple neck. Ebony fretboard and ebony peghead. Has a goat skin head that Aaron put on for me. Incredibly low...
  10. marymac

    Maui Music Six String Tenor

    Next up in the summer cleanup - a solid koa Maui Music Six String Tenor made by Peter Lieberman. This one has a few miles on it but sounds just great. Bought it a few months ago on FMM but my ear just cannot get used to the two extra tones. The guy I bought it from had some work done it. He...
  11. marymac

    Koaloha CROWN BRIDGE Super Concert with Kamoa Fiberglass Case

    Special uke, special case. As mentioned in other posts I'm cleaning out my storage room so selling a number of ukes. This one is a Koaloha Super Concert with a crown bridge. Bridge is perfectly glued - no gaps. I bought this from Experiment Jon here on UU last year so if you know Jon you know...
  12. marymac

    Reunion Blues Tenor Case - New!

    Hi all - I'm cleaning out my storage space so I've got a number of items to sell this week. This is a brand new Reunion Blues tenor case that I bought from Uke Republic a few months ago. This is the best soft case/gig bag available! It has backpack straps and the awesome structure and padding...
  13. marymac

    WTB or WTTF Vintage Tenor Guitar

    Hi All - I recently got Roy Smeck Vita Tenor Guitar from rbeetsme and I LOVE it! Love! I have the Vita tuned to DGBE and I'm looking for another one to tune standard tenor guitar tuning (CGDA). Does anyone have a nice old tenor guitar they want to rehome? Not looking for laminates or...
  14. marymac

    Wanted: Kanilea Super Tenor (Gloss)

    I've been watching for a used one for a few months so I thought I'd finally just ask if anyone has one to sell or trade. I have many fine ukes that I'd be willing to trade! Let me know what you have - thanks all! - Mary
  15. marymac

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    You're nicer than me ukeeku. Can I be a mean AND be a hippie or is that an oxymoron? Overall I'm probably more hippie than mean so maybe shmee's right and I AM a hippie. Who knew!
  16. marymac

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    Maybe his definition of hippie is different than mine. I'm a middle-aged working gal too. Ok I'm a lesbian too so maybe I'm a "hippie" for that no matter what other aspects there are to me! My understanding of UWC is a whole lot different: Like camping? Check. Like sitting around on a summer...
  17. marymac

    New Mya-Moe started!

    This is one of the other choices I have for my wood and the more I look at it the more I like this one... Is it always this hard to choose?
  18. marymac

    New Mya-Moe started!

    Hey Chap - looks like a beauty! Since this is turning into a MM love-thread here, here's the wood for MY myrtle concert that will start in March :D They're going to shave 1/4" off the middle of each side to clear the little dark knots leaving milk chocolate stripeys.
  19. marymac

    Special Black Bear Tenor with MiSi Pickup

    SOLD! This lovely koa body/cedar top tenor was built by by Duane Heileman in 2003. The cedar/koa combination gives it a nice warm tone in either high or low G (currently low-G). The radiused fretboard and professional setup make is super easy to play. What makes this tenor really special...
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