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    The Case Thread

    They don't ship outside of the US either! On their site it's not available for International.
  2. SeemingMusic

    Nail filing convert?

    Second this! Glass files are so efficient! It's much easier to keep left hand nails short using glass files and shapes right hand nails so quickly. Just a few passes. Emery board/sand paper to then further fine tune the right hand nails. I used a metal file before and it was much slower. My 2...
  3. SeemingMusic

    Pono Pro Classic vs Master Series

    There were some discussions about this in this thread you may find helpful:
  4. SeemingMusic

    Posture Problems!

    So many good suggestions! If you have a laptop lying around, I open the lid and set my music/book on it. May save you from buying a stand. Can put the laptop on a bar stool or books under to lift it higher as well.
  5. SeemingMusic


    This is the one I use. It has more functions I'll ever use, and options to plug in headphones so if you want to record you can rid of the click/beep. I like that you can turn the volume up on the sub-divided notes in certain sections you find hard, like every eighth note or triplet.
  6. SeemingMusic

    UAS: Stand Strong or Give In to Passion?

    I'm completely in this situation! Life has been busy and I've had less time to browse ukes as well as this forum. TUS didn't release videos for a while when Andrew went to Japan. Without exposure to all these nice glittering ukes, and only just focused on practicing, I haven't felt any desire...
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    NGD - Cordoba C5 classical guitar

    I am not that talented, so I wouldn't say my progress is stellar, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the process and journey!! I practice 30-40min. first thing in the morning and again 30-40 min. in the evening for work days, maybe 2-3 hrs on weekends. I find myself thinking about practice at work...
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    Playing uke during lunch

    It's heart warming to see so many people here are the same 😊
  9. SeemingMusic

    Playing uke during lunch

    I'm shy 😝 . No, it's just that it's a pretty open office. It would be inconsiderate of me to disturb others!
  10. SeemingMusic

    Playing uke during lunch

    I get an hour lunch break in a corporate office environment. I now hide a uke in a large drawer of mine, have a sandwich, sneak into the print room and play till lunch break is over. I throw a jacket over the bag to make it not obvious what I'm carrying. 😆😂
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    Kanile'a Tru Bracing vs. Tru R Bracing ?

    I've taken a look at Cornerstone ukes before and the shape of this brace fascinates me. Engineers tend to use triangles in trusses for its strength but weight savings. I would guess the parallelogram braces would be more flexible in comparison to a triangular structure of Kanile'a if the...
  12. SeemingMusic

    Strings Alcohol wipe

    Take care the alcohol doesn't land on the uke. You risk being finish-ed. 😛
  13. SeemingMusic

    Pickups and live sound

    Out of interest, do violin clip on mics work for ukulele?
  14. SeemingMusic

    What is the most overrated song you can think of?

    Baby Shark - the lyrics are horrible 🤪
  15. SeemingMusic

    New more affordable Pono model in development ...

    I wonder why they elected to go with the black faceplate on the head stock. The colour doesn't seem to match 🤔
  16. SeemingMusic

    Newbie Question

    Like a piano music? 😂
  17. SeemingMusic

    Tabs/Chords Early Music for low G Ukulele

    Oh wow amazing! Did you transcribe all these from lute tablatures?
  18. SeemingMusic

    Newbie Question

    Thank goodness. Cello players need to read Bass, Tenor and treble clefs!
  19. SeemingMusic

    Myth, magic, truth...ukulele "opening up"

    Wow, that book looks seriously comprehensive! Hahaha 😂. Sorry I will have no idea! Like I said in my post I don't understand acoustics. I just wanted to clarify the material does change over time. As engineers, we want to over engineer things, that's why all these graphs are focused on failure...
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