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  1. didgeridoo2

    Forum direction help

    It's been awhile since I've posted regularly. Been playing a bunch of Lap Steel guitar and I'm going to sell a hollowneck lap guitar (weissenborn copy). I know that there are some folks interested in Lap Steel guitars on this forum and since I've had many excellent transactions here, I'd like to...
  2. didgeridoo2

    Song Help Request Lyle Ritz solos book

    One thing to note, generally, is that when playing or arranging chord melodies, the melody note should be the highest tone in the chord. That may require the arranger to come up with some funky inversions to fit the arrangement. You should take a look at James Hills website The Ukulele Way. He...
  3. didgeridoo2

    Song Help Request Transposing

    What key is the music in? Jim's right. Just move it up a whole step. Or slap a Low G on your uke and play it the way it's written.
  4. didgeridoo2

    The waiting is the hardest part

    Waiting for a Mya Moe build date is hard. Watching it being built is so much fun and waiting for the completed uke to get to you is really hard...unless there's a video of Aaron playing it. Ooh baby.
  5. didgeridoo2

    Green Bay Packers Football

    How about this guy?
  6. didgeridoo2

    Jake playing uke on Mike and Mike -espn2

    Just got off a plane where I was watching ESPN2 and the mike and mike show have a Hawaiian theme today. Jake playing lots of uke.
  7. didgeridoo2

    Performing Arts For All

    Hi folks! Performing Arts For All is a performing group started by my wife. Currently, the program offers dance classes and I teach a couple of the students ukulele. Upcoming, I will add an acting/ theatre curriculum and hopefully expand my ukulele class. A documentary has been shot about the...
  8. didgeridoo2

    For Sale: Pono Baritone MBD

    A couple more pics:
  9. didgeridoo2

    For Sale: Pono Baritone MBD

    Hi folks. This deluxe baritone was purchased as a 2nd last fall. I purchased it directly from Ko'olau and it came with the Oahu hard case that I am selling it with. When I received it I couldn't tell why it was designated as a 2nd and I still can't. I have a Pono concert 2nd and there is a grain...
  10. didgeridoo2

    Kala ukes tuned in 5ths

    This video popped up on the mandolin cafe forum. It was shot during the Tenor Guitar gathering in Astoria, Oregon.
  11. didgeridoo2

    Buyer beware -uluru ukuleles / ayers guitars

    No worries! Sounds like FB is covered. Here's that great poster put together by hippieguy.
  12. didgeridoo2

    Buyer beware -uluru ukuleles / ayers guitars

    If you are buying from Uluru Ukuleles and think you are receiving a custom instrument, there's a chance you are getting a uke with designs that were stolen from other artists. See this thread for proof of this company stealing inlay design from Moore Bettah Ukuleles...
  13. didgeridoo2

    Estate Sale Find - What would you do?

    This is a spinoff of the thread posted by justincecil where the op informed the seller in an eBay auction that their item was possibly worth more than the seller realized. There are opinions on how to approach a seller unknowingly selling a valuable item at a great bargain whether you are in...
  14. didgeridoo2

    West San Fernando Valley/Guitar Merchant

    I'll see you on Sunday Harold.
  15. didgeridoo2

    Got a new t shirt today....

    Oh, I forgot to mention that it came with a new uke!
  16. didgeridoo2

    Got a new t shirt today....

    A nice comfy t shirt. Thanks Chuck!
  17. didgeridoo2

    Song Help Request Tweeners

    Are you looking for already tabbed out uke songs or notated sheet music of pop songs that you'll arrange yourself? James Hill has a Popular Songs book, but nothing by Taylor Swift if that's what you had in mind.
  18. didgeridoo2

    Robert Johnson for Uke book question

    I just took a look at it and if you look at measure ten, it shows you the rhythm if you are playing the tab. They call it Rhy.Fig.1 and they change the rhythm at Rhy.Fig.2. The directions for 1st time and 2nd time refer to the coda, and if you notice there 12 measures where the tab stops. I...
  19. didgeridoo2

    Live Internet Concert Feb 10th- The Quiet American (Aaron Keim)

    Sorry to have missed it because of work. Hopefully I'll be available for the April show. Congrats on what sounds like a success, Aaron!
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