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  1. peanuts56

    Hello! From Naples, Florida

    Bob comes from a musical family. His dad Frank, played and was a well known mouthpiece designer/maker. His younger brother Glenn is an exceptional trumpeter and saxophonist. Glenn was very close friends with Suzanne Somers. She had a syndicated talk show a while back. Glenn was in her band on...
  2. peanuts56

    Hello! From Naples, Florida

    E Komo Mai! One of my old trumpet teachers lives and plays in Naples. His name is Bob Zottola. Bob made most of his living playing. The last regular gig he had was playing in a pit orchestra on Broadway, can’t remember which show. Very fine musician. Bob “retired” to Naples some years back...
  3. peanuts56

    High G for Jazz

    I come from a jazz background on trumpet and only play re-entrant tuning on uke. I play a lot of solo finger style standard and jazz pieces. Guitarist Joe Pass is my main inspiration. On trumpet, I almost never play below a low C when improvising, I stick to the middle register and sometimes...
  4. peanuts56

    Sam Ash stores closing

    A little off topic. I live in Conn. and saw that Sam Ash Stores are closing. I gather a lot of merchandise is on sale. They don't have a huge selection of ukuleles, but it might be worth checking out. I'm maybe 15 minutes north of the New Haven store and have bought a lot of merchandise from...
  5. peanuts56

    About getting stuck...

    Sometimes we're just not ready for a new piece. I came from the trumpet and had to be patient. Over the last 10 years I've had to put a few difficult pieces aside until I was ready. Early on I attempted Jake's While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I was in over my head and put it down. I'm capable of...
  6. peanuts56

    Social Observation About Uke Community (US)

    Good point about the meet and greets. I have a little story about Jake. Maybe 5-6 years ago I went to see him in a theater in Mass. I had bought a cd as a gift for someone and waited in line to have him sign it. The theater had a no picture policy. There were 2 security guys nearby a telling...
  7. peanuts56

    Playing Classical style for Others

    I have played some classical pieces during church services. I played quite often for a few years while we didn't have an organist or choir. I haven't played at our church in a while. I do play at the church my wife grew up in when visiting Hawaii. I usually play The Queen's Prayer with the...
  8. peanuts56

    Today's Chuckle

    I may have posted this story before, not entirely sure. One of our first grade teachers had a little boy who could be a handful. Apparently, his parents used a lot of salty language at home and Dylan sometimes did as well. He was a pretty good kid but could really have his moments. Our...
  9. peanuts56

    Today's Chuckle

    Another tale from my years teaching. One of the 3rd grade teachers played a funny April Fool's joke on her kids. The kids decided to play one on her. On rainy days the kids would have indoor recess and on this rainy day the kids came up with a doozy. Elementary schools are staffed by mostly...
  10. peanuts56

    Today's Chuckle

    I spent 24 of my 34 years teaching in elementary schools. Kids at that age have no filter and come out with some real pearls. A group of kids went on a field trip to an apple orchard. Later in the day when they returned, I saw one of the kids, a girl named LaWanda. I asked her where they went...
  11. peanuts56

    Tax Time Again!

    Can't forget the date. It's also our anniversary.
  12. peanuts56

    Tiny Tim & Bob Dylan

    Long, long time ago I read an interview with Barry Manilow, might have been in Rolling Stone. Anyway, he mentioned meeting Bob Dylan once. Bob told Barry that he really loved his work. Barry said he didn't if he was being sincere or busting his chops. In the same interview he mentioned that he...
  13. peanuts56

    Slack key show with Daniel Ho and George Kahumoku Jr.

    I have the tickets for Herb and Bryan. Andy really works hard bringing these artists in. Really nice guy. Led hasn't been on the Masters Tour the last 2 years. Led, Willie K and Kamakakehau Fernandez did a show a few years back at The Bronx Botanical Garden. I had something going on that day...
  14. peanuts56

    New Uke Day (NUD) Moonbird

    Tried the tenor at HMS. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. To each his own.
  15. peanuts56

    Pizza Anyone? 🍕

    My sister said most of the meals they ate in restaurants were smothered in gravy. I think the Roxbury area has changed food wise as well. Kind of trendy from what I can tell. I don't get out that way too often. Lot of good restaurants near me. I'm about 20 minutes north of New Haven in a small...
  16. peanuts56

    Pizza Anyone? 🍕

    I grew up in Waterbury. Lot of Italians there and some pretty good pizza. I gigged a lot in Litchfield County when I was still active as a trumpeter. Lot of celebs have homes in that area. Kissinger had a home in Litchfield. Dustin Hoffman has or had a home in the area. Friend of ours was the...
  17. peanuts56

    Pizza Anyone? 🍕

    Patty, where in Connecticut did you live? Watch the documentary, it's very interesting. Pepe's is my favorite. They have lines out the door many nights. They've opened a restaurant in Waterbury.
  18. peanuts56

    Pizza Anyone? 🍕

    I'm of Irish/Italian ancestry. Pizza is a way of life! the Italian slang for pizza is abeets. Growing up, I spent more time with my Italian side, probably because the food was much better. I like both thin and thick crust. I live 20 minutes from New Haven, Ct. New Haven is the pizza capitol of...
  19. peanuts56

    Practicing without driving those around you nuts

    Try looking into Yamaha Silent Brass. A mute with a pickup inside. The mute connects to a small walkman size device. the device connects to headphones. I was a trumpet major in college. I don't really play any more. I had one and it works quite well. I ended up giving it away to a young...
  20. peanuts56

    Things that drive me nuts

    I work out at home when I get tired of the gym. Bought a Bowflex in 2003 when I was teaching school. I took a transfer to the latest school in town, and it was pretty far from the gym I worked out at. It was my main workout for 13 years along with running. It came in handy during the Covid lockdown.
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