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  1. Spicysteve

    New Uke Day (NUD) Kala Revelator

    Gorgeous Korina. Congratulations. :)
  2. Spicysteve

    240 Pieces of pearl

    Fabulous work Pete.
  3. Spicysteve

    Proper router bit for trimming top and back after both are glued down.

    Thank you both for your replies. Highly appreciated.
  4. Spicysteve

    Proper router bit for trimming top and back after both are glued down.

    Working on my first ukulele build (Stew Mac cutaway Tenor). And about to glue on the back and top. I have a nice Dewalt 20V brushless router. Which bit to use? Strait cut ? Spiral? Up cut ? Down cut ? Appreciate the input/experiences. Cheers, Steve.
  5. Spicysteve

    Enya EUC-X1M Concert REVIEW

    I had the concert HPL. Good sounding enough but quiet. I went so far as to cut a side soundport. It was still quiet. I passed it on to a good friend. I still have the pineapple soprano with Uke Logic hard tension strings on it. It is my late in the evening player as to not wake up the Mrs...
  6. Spicysteve

    The lower end of the market.

    I am with badhabits. A Flight TUS or TUC, TUSL. Quite decent sound and action for the price.
  7. Spicysteve

    Strings Baritone Ukulele Strings

    I use Uke Logic low tension for the 2 unwound strings. Joel is a pleasure to do business with. Have had him do some custom Low gcea baritone strings and custom 8 string Tenor strings. Always pleasurable and quick to respond to inquiries.
  8. Spicysteve

    Australian Blackwood / Torrified Sitka Tenor - Picture Set

    Allen, Another model of impeccable workmanship. So enjoy seeing every one of your new creations.
  9. Spicysteve

    Sold Tinguitar Sapele Soprano

    What a beauty, so wish you were in the US.
  10. Spicysteve

    Strings Is there an easy way to tie (tie bridge) wound strings?

    Agreed. I trim them short just that way. Bring them up to pitch and make sure there is no slippage, then trim them.
  11. Spicysteve

    comparing soprano weight list

    I have an Ailani solid Koa soprano. Ailani is long since out of business. Very straight grain Koa but an all Koa build. Comes in at 284 grams and it one of the loudest and best sounding Sopranos I own.
  12. Spicysteve

    Sold Wonderful Romero Creations Replica - Spruce & Walnut

    Beautiful. So love the Walnut.
  13. Spicysteve

    What's happening in your shed?

    All 3 are gorgeous.
  14. Spicysteve

    Gotoh UPT installation

    I have used a sharp high quality reamer for 5 Gotoh UPT installs. Go slow , take your time and you will have a perfect fit.
  15. Spicysteve

    Subscribe to Ukulele Magazine

    I jumped in a few weeks ago, for a 2 years subscription.
  16. Spicysteve

    Strings Bamboo and strings

    I purchased an Aklot Tenot and did the identical mods that Kohanmike did. I found it a bit bright with Fremont Blacklines (one of my favorite strings) I put a set of Kamaka black nylons on it..... ended up with a wonderful sound , not too bright and not too warm. Absolutely delighted.
  17. Spicysteve

    Ordered another custom Bruce Wei thinline.

    Mike, That shade of red is going to be gorgeous. Working on a StewMac cutaway tenor kit, now researching a stain similar to that. Nice choice.
  18. Spicysteve

    Musician's Gear Concert Ukulele [Hard/Plywood] Case -$29

    Couldn’t help myself. Have one ordered and on the way. 😀
  19. Spicysteve

    Pet pictures time, people!

    Another one of Hazel….. being a goofy Lab.
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