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  1. Pissodes

    Setup Buzzing after string change

    Thanks for the tips. I ordered a set of Hosco files yesterday as I have another uke that needs the action lowered at the nut on all strings. Had been using torch tip cleaners in the past but these should be way better. Ordered some medium viscosity ca glue from Amazon. Stewmac is...
  2. Pissodes

    Setup Buzzing after string change

    Thanks. I'm leaning towards option 2. I found some recommendations to use bone powder from sanding a black nut or saddle to fill a bone nut slot. I'll give that a go.
  3. Pissodes

    Best Nintendo character?

    Link 🗡️
  4. Pissodes

    15% Discount this weekend for Philadelphia Luthier Supply

    I ordered from them earlier this morning. Got some nut files and a couple other things to address some buzzing on one of my ukes. Debated getting a set of Gotohs but realized I had no immediate use for them.
  5. Pissodes

    I Ordered an "Unplayable" Ukulele

    Hopefully that email came with a refund notice.
  6. Pissodes

    Setup Buzzing after string change

    Thanks. I purchased a fret rocker today so I can check level on the frets. I also got some bone blanks to sand into powder if the slot needs to be addressed.
  7. Pissodes

    Setup Buzzing after string change

    Thanks all for the input. I believe I know the answer and it is the sting is hitting the first fret. I moved the string aside and ran a dry erase marker over the fret. Carefully placed it back and strummed it a bit. After moving the string aside again I could see the string had removed...
  8. Pissodes

    Setup Buzzing after string change

    Its a very small slot style bridge. Im considering moving the tuners around and seeing if the issue follows the tuner. Its totally possible. You can see in my pic that there is extra string sticking out from the tuner. These strings were initial cut flush to the post so I have managed to get...
  9. Pissodes

    Setup Buzzing after string change

    @Patty The tuners are flush to the peghead. I did remove the tuner and reset it as part of my cause assessment. I gave all tuners a good half turn with a crescent wrench to ensure they are tight. @man0a Your are correct, this is the E string. These are the original strings back on the...
  10. Pissodes

    Setup Buzzing after string change

    Only buzzes when played open. No buzzing when fretting the string at the first and up the neck. Buzz sounds like a baby rattle. The buzz sounds like its nearer the saddle. I can't really determine what would be causing that which makes me think I'm hearing something that's traveling down the...
  11. Pissodes

    Setup Buzzing after string change

    I changed the original strings on one of my ukes last night. The strings were fine, just wanted to try something different. I immediately notice a higher pitched buzz/rattling sound on the second string. I had not noticed this before. It starts an stops quickly went the string was strummed...
  12. Pissodes

    Please, somebody buy this

    2005 Kamaka HF-1D
  13. Pissodes

    (koaloha) kcm10 pikake VS kcm10 royal pikake (-_-) ?

    I think it's just the ebony head plate and all metal tuners.
  14. Pissodes

    New Ukes Day - Which Martin Mahogany Tenor Sounds Best

    I found #1 more enjoyable. #2 was a bit too in your face for my liking. Used my phone to listen so speaker quality isn't ideal.
  15. Pissodes

    Gotoh UPT (L) - any place to get these in bulk?

    The shaft is straight. Simply a matter of what tools you have on hand. I have a reamer and can ensure the hole is straight. I don't have a stepped drill bit or drill press and couldnt ensure a straight whole with a hand drill.
  16. Pissodes

    NUD Disappointment

    I'll admit I was a bit skeptical about the opinions of this retailer until I read this thread. Having the owner's one and only post on the forum essentially be a dismissive speech really looked bad. And then the subsequent issues that occurred years later. I won't look at or recommend...
  17. Pissodes

    New Uke Day (NUD) Koaloha KSM-03 (2003)

    Wondering if this was one of the very first LN pineapples made by them.
  18. Pissodes

    New Uke Day (NUD) Koaloha KSM-03 (2003)

    Nice old find! The top has dished due to the very light build. Many KoAloha sopranos have this. It is generally not an issue unless the intonation is off up the neck. It still may be covered by their better than the weather warranty if it does have issues. Hope you enjoy it!
  19. Pissodes

    Please, somebody buy this

    Griz at KoAloha told me a couple weeks ago that around March they started adding additional bracing near the bridge to prevent dishing on the sopranos. Don't know how that will impact tone.
  20. Pissodes


    Just in time for the Preakness.
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