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  1. kvehe

    Hello from Raymond, Maine!

    Welcome! A uke from Mim will make all the difference in the world!
  2. kvehe

    For Sale Hand-made ukuleles - baritone available

    This post will veer into Uke Talk territory, but wow, I am the thrilled new owner of Concert # 68. I'm not big on doing NUD posts, but I have to say Concert # 68 is spectacular: beautiful wood, beautiful workmanship, beautiful tone. It sounds like the angels are playing, and believe me, that's...
  3. kvehe

    NUD: KoAloha Opio tenor

    Yes, it’s a NUD, but my main purpose in posting is to call attention to an awesome ukulele shop in Highland Park, Illinois (north suburban Chicago): Aloha City Ukes. I have no affiliation with them, other than being a wildly happy customer. Matt was so helpful, and...
  4. kvehe

    Aaron Keim is now taking orders for Beansprout ukuleles.

    The email announcement arrived about four hours ago. He offers three sizes: alto (larger than a soprano, smaller than a concert), tenor, and baritone. As many know, but some may not, with the retirement of Gordon and Char Mayer from building...
  5. kvehe

    Chord melody arrangement for Teach Your Children?

    Yes, I've started working on that but I'm in a hurry. I thought that I might luck out and find that the wheel had already been invented (although I was not hopeful). :):(
  6. kvehe

    Chord melody arrangement for Teach Your Children?

    Hi, all - Could someone please direct me a a chord melody arrangement of CSN&Y’s Teach Your Children? So far, my searches have only turned up chords. Thanks so much in advance.
  7. kvehe

    Happy Birthday to mmstan!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. kvehe

    Plant-based recorders

    Yamaha has come out with a soprano and an alto recorder made with "Ecodear", a plant-based resin. Given the success of the Clara, I thought I'd give it a try. Has anyone actually played one yet? Thanks.
  9. kvehe

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian ukers!

    Have a great holiday! ...and to those Canadian ukers in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving # 1 of 2!
  10. kvehe

    Everyone's a wise guy.

    This must be Insult-the-Ukulele Week. On Wednesday, my uke instructor (the uke instructor!) told me that you don't have to ever change strings on a uke because no matter what you do, they always sound dead. (Note to self: forget the private lessons and stick with Internet instruction and give...
  11. kvehe

    Happy Birthday to Seeso!

    Have the best of Happy Birthdays!
  12. kvehe

    Happy Birthday to Aldrine!

    30! A milestone, to be sure. :D
  13. kvehe

    Uke workshop in St Louis by Aaron Keim. July 27th

    Great workshop! Highly recommended!
  14. kvehe

    First private lesson!

    Hey, all - I had my first private uke lesson last night, and had a blast. I've participated in group classes and workshops before, but now that I've committed to private lessons (for now anyway, hah hah) I can foresee myself making real progress. Watch for me at the Mighty MO UkeFest open mic...
  15. kvehe

    Mighty MO Ukulele Festival 2014 ~ Brook Adams, The Flea Bitten Dawgs

    Looking forward to it, as always. See everyone there!
  16. kvehe

    St. Louis Workshop

    Good to know; see you there. Thanks for posting.
  17. kvehe

    Hey, guess what I saw this morning!

    I work in a hospital, and as I was walking across an overhead bridge from the garage into the main lobby, I came up on a young woman who had a blue soprano uke sticking out of her shoulder bag. I said, "so - I'm not the only one in the building with a ukulele!", and she said she brought it to...
  18. kvehe

    My mahogany-top Merlin is on the way!

    Elderly called this morning to tell me that the Merlins are in and ready for delivery: It was kind of funny - the woman said, "May I ask - what are you going to do with it?" I said I had...
  19. kvehe

    Telleno ukuleles?

    Hi, all -- Has anyone ever heard of/does anyone know anything about Telleno ukes? A friend (undoubtedly under my influence, hah hah) found one in an antique store for $15. He said the tuners need some attention (loose), but other than that, it seemed to be in pretty good shape. I googled it...
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