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  1. hands_on_lanzon

    I miss her.

    Sending my warmest energies to you and those around you!! 🙌🏽💨💞💗
  2. hands_on_lanzon

    Price Drop Back on Market - Pepe Romero Custom, Tiny Tenor Supermodel, German Moon Spruce & Brazilian Rosewood

    Back in town bump. Come and get it! 🔔 I love getting back from trips and tuning up and playing all the ukes! 🥰 this one is still a cannon!!! 💥 Fyi, this one has been slow going here. So you'll like see it up on FMM sooner than later. Cheers!
  3. hands_on_lanzon

    For Sale Mya-Moe Banjolele, Tenor, Walnut

    Back in town bump. Come and get it! 🔔
  4. hands_on_lanzon

    Week 641 - Going to Katmandalamazoo, Titicacamonga, and Wooloo Wooloo!

    We need to make up for the lost pre-submission time... hope someone submits 'The Girl From Ipunema' this week!
  5. hands_on_lanzon

    A warm hello (on a cold gloomy day) from LA

    This was the title of my UU introduction thread. I've come to find, this is not the place!! So many pushers and enablers here... it's great!! 🤪 I'm definitely one of them, hoping you find the next amazing uke that brings you all kinds of joy!!!!!
  6. hands_on_lanzon

    A warm hello (on a cold gloomy day) from LA

    Welcome to UU! Sounds like you got the bug and have a nice collection going. I still think about the spalted mango STC I sold, from time to time. It's such a sweet lil instrument!
  7. hands_on_lanzon


    This previously unreleased track by Neil Young and Crazy Horse dropped right on time for this week. It's called "Everybody's Alone." If the horse reference in the band name isn't enough for this theme, I'm hoping the lyrics "You'll find me resting in the shade of mountains and trees" fits the...
  8. hands_on_lanzon

    Japanese Songbook recommendations I'm leveling up soon! Scored a copy of this book. Now if I could only find the videos at a reasonable price!
  9. hands_on_lanzon

    Japanese Songbook recommendations

    @Kaz-Maz got me on the hunt, so i definitely added a few pounds (or kg) of books to my luggage over the last couple days. I just started learning Kobayashi's arrangement of Misty tonight and it's very sweet! It's in his "Ukulele Sweet Jazz" book. I'm looking forward to getting home to pop in...
  10. hands_on_lanzon

    Do you ever feel guilty?

    I've definitely had those feelings... and I've done it over and over and each time is a bit of an internal struggle. But, as it's been said, i love each one and I play the heck out of em. Smiles each time I bring em out of the case and they put my spirit at ease as the sounds eminate and I feel...
  11. hands_on_lanzon


    I just have one quick Season-related equestrian 🙋🏻... would you call a female horse in armor a knight mare?
  12. hands_on_lanzon

    Going down the Japanese Uke rabbit hole

    Big thanks to @Kaz-Maz for all the tips while I've been visiting Japan! I'm bummed to have missed Sound Messe, but I've had the pleasure of visitng about eight uke shops in four weeks, getting to play some nice and unique ukes. I've discussed some of my experiences in my NUD's. Here im Tokyo...
  13. hands_on_lanzon

    New Uke Day (NUD) Sumi UK-T5KD (Martin 5K Ditson Soprano Replica)

    I was counting smiles yesterday, as I was traveling thru the train stations with my kitsune fox mask on my head. I counted four definite smiles and maybe 6-7 looks with minimal reaction. If one went thru all my UUF posts saying I'm done, I'd definitely be pinned as a lying, weak willed, UAS...
  14. hands_on_lanzon

    Season 639 - You Tell ME What the Theme Is

    I was trying to think of a deep, thought provoked theme of a caged bird or freedom oe being stuck or trapped, but a the songs I thought of that matched were too much effort than can give, at the moment. So I copped out with a song I already knew that fits an easy theme of Songs with the word...
  15. hands_on_lanzon

    New Uke Day (NUD) Sumi UK-T5KD (Martin 5K Ditson Soprano Replica)

    Thanks for the tips @Kaz-Maz ! We just made to Shibuya today, so I'll hafta check out some of those music sheets/books you mentioned while here for our last week. Are you familiar with the shops here? Which would be most likely to have 'em? 'Ukulele Mania or Tan Tan maybe? I need to go there...
  16. hands_on_lanzon

    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome to the UU Forum!! We have a bit of similar uke history and stomping grounds! I (re)started playing uke 3yes ago this summer and I'm based in the Seattle area and have lived close to half my life in The Bay Area! That's awesome that you arrange your own chord melody! We'd love to hear...
  17. hands_on_lanzon

    who here still clicks pics with a dedicated camera? What does your gear look like.

    My wife and I noticed this trend of folks having dedicated cameras over here in Asia... but especially Japan. I'm not sure if it's because we're in tourist'y spots or if it's actually a thing. Our mediocre shots of Mt. Fuji yesterday made me wish I had my DSLR or at least a my point and shoot...
  18. hands_on_lanzon

    New Uke Day (NUD) Sumi UK-T5KD (Martin 5K Ditson Soprano Replica)

    Another trait that make her the best is her simplicity in the jewelry department! 😬 she's not into the bling either. I wear/own more rings, bracelets, and sunglasses than she does! Mine are not blingy, but she's not even into em. And neither of us wear earrings. I do consider myself to be quite...
  19. hands_on_lanzon

    New Uke Day (NUD) Sumi UK-T5KD (Martin 5K Ditson Soprano Replica)

    It's really some sort of mutant power. When I get home, I need to lock myself inside and play 'em all for a couple decades! It's also a bit crazy to think that my Ko'olau tenors, concert, and this Sumi are all used. Makes me wonder what the original owners kept!!
  20. hands_on_lanzon

    New Uke Day (NUD) Sumi UK-T5KD (Martin 5K Ditson Soprano Replica)

    I was laughing out loud with the shop owners (husband and wife team) as I was teaching them about UAS and how mad my wife would get. 😅 Ko'olau concert (carry-on gig bag/hard case combo), G-Labo thin body sopaniño (inside my backpack), Sumi soprano (hand carry-on). I have committed to buy my...
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