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    Facebook group mothballed

    Thank you for all your hard work!
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    Actually, I think you are supposed to sit in on the class (Or go to their luau). I had called and asked if I could buy one and have them mail it to me as we are Aulani owners through Disney Vacation Club. They said sorry, you have to be at the resort. Well they kept my email and when the...
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    I don’t have any instruments with ornate fretboard inlays. My family also loves Disney. I’m not Japanese, but recognize that a lot of Japanese tourists are buying them. I also play mine but don’t put it on the wall. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of disposable income, but I don’t regret buying...
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    NUD: passion wins! A slow reveal…

    Ooh, I’ll have to check it out! one of my favorite scenes is when Nani says “talk! I know you can.” Stitch says “ok,ok!”
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    Why can't I play a G major chord?

    Also when making the A shape my fingernails on my index and ring finger are directed at my face. When I make the G shape it pivots slightly and the fingernails are directed more toward the sound hole a bit I also agree with the prior poster that you should practice slowly and then build speed...
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    NUD: passion wins! A slow reveal…

    Ask and ye shall receive. (A little hard to photograph as they are “hidden”)
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    Why can't I play a G major chord?

    For me, when switching between A to G, I don’t slide my index finger down. That makes it harder for me. I lift my index finger and then form the G shape. for G, try this, put your index and middle finger down on the first and third strings (A and C strings) and then within a fraction of a...
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    Do you ever feel guilty?

    Congratulations! No need to feel guilty! Some people spend their extra money on lavish vacations, luxury watches, sports cars, etc. and then some of us splurge on something unique for ourselves. If it brings you joy (haha pun intended), then I wouldnt think twice about it. I know it’s hard...
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    Well, I love mine (and I already own a HF-3D2i which is also amazing! Good luck with the trade!
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    the model is listed as Kamaka HF-3A2. I paid $200 more than the retail price of a new HF-3D, less than a new Jake Blue or a HF-3D2I. Plus dont forget taxes And a resort stay at Aulani. Mine came with the hard sided black Kamaka case, and a few “extras” such as a micro tuner, a Kamaka folding...
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    everyone sees the beautiful Stitch inlay first which I think is stone and amazing, but my favorite part is not the hidden Mickey inside the body, but the turquoise double K on the headstock. It’s also a satin finish and sounds great!
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    Kamaka Disney special edition ukuleles

    That’s mine! Woo hoo! I kind of like the Ameritage Kamaka Case and the soft case too! Those are cool! I just have the generic black hard case
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Sumi UK-T5KD (Martin 5K Ditson Soprano Replica)

    Sumi is an amazing builder and those ukes are fantastic! Love mine! Congrats!
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    Does a slotted headstock have any bearing on sound difference vs solid headstock?

    Oh a diamond!?! Glad it all worked out. She’s a beaut
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Finally got a Curly Sinker Redwood / Rosewood Concert Ukulele (Ohana CK-42E)

    Beautiful! Great story about your grandparents.
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    Who here remembers Ukulele Mike?

    I remember both musicguymic and ukulele Mike Lynch. Both were amazing. I still have two ukes set up by musicguymic! Got my KoAloha tenor from him
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    How many pieces of music / songs can you keep in your head, and how do you make sure they stay there?

    3-4. i play fingerstyle. if I learn a new piece, I stop practicing the others. Sigh.
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    Hideous Strap Button - what’s a girl to do??

    wow! Cool extra soundport you made there!
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    First Ukulele

    I think having a better sounding instrument may inspire you to keep playing and progressing. At least that’s how I justified it. Congrats and Enjoy!
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    What Wood is This?

    it's not koa or acacia?
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