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  1. lakesideglenn

    Tabs/Chords The Cliff Edwards Project

    I can’t thank you enough for the hard work and research you put into this project, Jack... But THANKS!
  2. lakesideglenn

    Sold Rare Vintage Washburn Soprano

    It appears to need a neck reset.
  3. lakesideglenn

    Yet another build started, .... a de Houtwinkel baritone

    Wow Hodge….that’s a real beauty!
  4. lakesideglenn

    1920´s Gibson Style 3 Europe/UK

    Go for it, Jon!
  5. lakesideglenn

    Sold Pohaku Deco Concert 10

    Hey D, Any interest in a Black Bear Pinapple soprano? PM me for more info and better pics. This one sucks
  6. lakesideglenn

    Swinging the Alphabet (the Three Stooges)

    That was wonderful! Hats off to you and your grandaughter and Stooges forever!
  7. lakesideglenn

    Any Kepasa Fans?

    I have a Kepasea Madeira that’s one of my keepers.
  8. lakesideglenn

    NUD Disappointment

    False advertising…I would have asked for some type of compensation even though you were able to clean it up yourself.
  9. lakesideglenn

    Fire Destroys Mississippi John Hurt Museum

    So sad. I discovered Mississippi John by accident in my late teens and he was (and is) a HUGE influence on my fingerpicking guitar style.
  10. lakesideglenn

    No longer available Pohaku Deco Concert - Curly Douglas Fir and Claro Walnut

    This is a steal folks! I'm the original owner and paid twice as much for it when new! The only reason I passed it on to Gary is because I just couldn't bond with the headstock and Gary had another uke I really really wanted. If you're on the fence you won't regret buying this one BTW: I've...
  11. lakesideglenn

    Season 624 - My Hero/es

    Great one! I remember first hearing this in the movie “The Electric Horseman” starring Robert Redford and Willie in a strong supporting role.
  12. lakesideglenn

    Please, somebody buy this

    This is a great deal!
  13. lakesideglenn

    History of The Harmony Company

    Great read, thanks Larry!
  14. lakesideglenn

    Help identifying these issues

    yes, most likely lack of humidity caused your issues. It can be a real pain in the ass keeping your instruments humidified in the winter. I run three room humidifiers 24/7 this time of year.
  15. lakesideglenn

    Sold Black Bear Christmas Bell soprano

    Well I’m not 100% sure, I just know I’ve seen pictures of this one before.
  16. lakesideglenn

    Sold Black Bear Christmas Bell soprano

    Wow…just Wow! And here I thought I was over UAS… I remember this one from when it was originally posted for sale back in the old days on UU and was very tempted. I was buying and trading a lot back then. Duane is quite the artist and a very talented craftsman who made wonderful sounding...
  17. lakesideglenn

    Show me your weird ukuleles

    I actually got in touch with them and ended up buying this Uke. It is way cool.
  18. lakesideglenn

    What's wrong with a ukulele sounding like a ukulele?

    Guitar players use lots of different tuning’s and they’re still called guitar players. Why should ukulele players be any different?
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