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  1. spongeuke

    Quick Question: Tuning Machines for a Thin Headstock/Peghead

    I like the Peghed conversion from wooden pegs. I do like the Graphtech for use but not a fan of the look, but it is in the back so who cares. Pegheds do stick out the back so take care that they don't press against the bottom of the case putting stress on the neck. Friction tuners are fine when...
  2. spongeuke

    Ukuleles and Price vs Quality

    My price verses sound has been vintage (Pre WWII) It can be hit or miss experience. It's wise to play them first. If not buy from an established seller, private or commercial, many are members of UU. Also I've found that high end sopranos from that time are marvelous. Avoid the gimmicky ones. My...
  3. spongeuke

    Violin style friction tuners

    I am a fan of wooden pegs. They were used from time immoral. I got carried away and bought numerous sets from 1/4 violin to 1/2 cello, plus a large collection of various small pegs. I also purchased 2 reamers and a 2 sized peg shaver. At 81 I'm down-sizing and will entertain all offers of those...
  4. spongeuke

    Loudest soprano

    My "Hot Rod Regal" that is still used in large group setting so I can hear myself play. I rescued a 50s Regal Soprano that needed a sound board. installed an old growth redwood top, rosewood bridge and hard maple saddle. It was louder that any of the true vintage Martins I rescued and re-homed...
  5. spongeuke

    Purchased fretboard doesn't match my Uke plans

    From the photo of that fret board, it appears that the ruler is not measuring from the 0 fret. I use the mm scale all the times as it is easier for me to read. Measure from the 0 fret to the 12th and double that distance + 2 mm for the saddle placement when installing that fret board.
  6. spongeuke

    New Uke Day (NUD) Harmony Johnny Marvin “tenor”

    This is one I gave to a fellow ukulele player that I personally know and know it will be cherished and played. Also it is concert size and the Roy Smeck concert is soprano sized.
  7. spongeuke

    Low Action?

    Players of low action fretted instruments need a refined touch. Instrument buzz can be the result of technique.
  8. spongeuke

    Does my bridge need to be reglued?

    It was likely reglued previously. The light wood showing on the edges could be the result of scraping the old glue off before regluing.
  9. spongeuke

    Harold Teen Ukulele

    Don't expect a quality instrument. They were a gimmick to begin with. Makes a nice wall hanger with the "Mother of Toilet Seat" fretboard in a collection.
  10. spongeuke

    Is it safe to remove paint from an old uke?

    I would use a scraper. I have not used a hardware store scrapers on instruments, I use an old box knife blade that I polish on a piece of glass with 800 wet sand paper then burnish a hook using the chrome handle of my drill press. I have a StewMack scraper I use for final surface treatments. I...
  11. spongeuke

    Coast Ukuleles

    I met Kawai and his 2 lovely children when I downsized my shop. He has the Aloha spirit, artists works reflect who and what they are.
  12. spongeuke

    Have you ever given a Uke to someone else?

    10 years ago I stoped buying or trading and started selling off my 50+ ukuleles. Some I could have kept, but logic prevailed. The sharp rise in Postal rates prevented sales of the inexpensive ones. I still had over 30. I started giving them away during local ukulele gatherings. It is a rewarding...
  13. spongeuke

    using iPad for "song sheets"

    I use a Nook reader. I load PDFs folders with the files to be played. I switched to it years ago as my hard copy (paper) files were approaching 5 feet without copies. I load the PDF folders from my Mac with a supplied connection/charging cable. Some files have small print, different formats or...
  14. spongeuke

    Short Scale Bass

    I'm building an arch topped Short 22" bass with nylon core wound strings. Is there a standard hight for the floating bridge?
  15. spongeuke

    Short scale Bass

    I'm building an arch topped Short 22" bass with nylon core wound strings. Is there a standard hight for the floating bridge?
  16. spongeuke

    Gear trading/selling/buying ain’t what it used to be…

    The shipping cost has discouraged me from listing some things I wish to re-home. The $200 and + stuff is pretty much gone. I offered a double gig bag for a very low price but the shipping cost tripled the amount. I've given away some nice ukuleles to people I know. It is hard to give up some...
  17. spongeuke

    What is an unpopular/controversial opinion you have regarding the ukulele?

    He bought a property Along the Russian River here in Sonoma County CA. The beach was open to one and all and became a popular "Nude Beach" during the 70s.
  18. spongeuke

    There can be only one..........sort of

    The only way I can judge a keeper is to remember the ones I've played, two got away. A Canadian made Larivée soprano and a Little River Walnut Tenor. I did keep the WWII Martin concert.
  19. spongeuke

    Show off your cheap ukes!

    This was cheap when new. now?
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