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  1. knive

    ABS Case comparison

    I have the same Uke Crazy case in tenor size. My experiences after couple of years of quite regular use: It's nice to have multiple attachment points for straps. I find that by using the top side attachment point for one end and the bottom one in the back of the case add a nice curve to the...
  2. knive


    Sammy is a great player and you should definitely check his new album, which has some nice and atmospheric instrumental tracks. He has quite a modern playing style, with a strong emphasis on playing harmonics and using alternate tunings on the ukulele. He also put out tutorials and other content...
  3. knive

    Rattling metal tuner buttons

    I have a Kala KA-ATP-CTG, a tenor ukulele with a slotted headstock and backwards facing geared tuners. It has an issue with two of the chromed metal tuner buttons often coming slightly loose and rattling with the vibration of the uke while playing, which is both audible and annoying. Other parts...
  4. knive

    Song Help Request Anyone know the name of this song?

    Don't really know if that is a specific song really or just strumming some common chord combinations for demo purposes. Reminds me of "Ain't she sweet", that's sort of a ukulule staple for many people, but there are some differences.
  5. knive

    Low G Wound Low-G Recommendations

    I've been playing with a low-G setup for some time on my tenors, mainly on my cedar-topped Kala, for some time now. I've been using Worth fluorocarbons, both clear and brown, for the other strings. Initially, I tried using unwound Worths, as based on earlier experiences the tone and volume...
  6. knive

    Song Help Request Atheists Don't Have No Songs

    "God thinks" by Voltaire Funny, folksy and works as a single player acoustic piece (lot's of live versions out there also, featuring just an acoustic guitar)
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