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    Strings Message for former users of Southcoast strings

    It is very uncommon for companies to state what competitor is actually making their product. One notable exception is Martin who identifies Aquila as source of their premium string. But only the biggest guitar string makers have winding machines, even fewer have nylon extrusion, and none...
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    Strings Message for former users of Southcoast strings

    Not familiar with Southcoast but the articles on archive are interesting to read. They refer to mysterious low density wound material for C which I assume is aluminum. There are tenor sets from LaBella, d'Addario, and GHS that include an aluminum wound C string, and the GHS is available as a...
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    Wondering if this aesthetic is possible on a uke.

    If that's the case why not just find a HPL uke and have the desired patterns and colours printed on it. I think that HPL ukes are quite nice, it's just the boring wood patterns most companies print on them that bother me. They really should let people submit their own patterns for customization.
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    Choosing my very first (Brüko) Ukulele: Maple vs. Mahogany, and Other Options

    I may have to move to Germany and in that case, an all walnut Brueko would be my first choice of getting a nice uke to play there.
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    If Taylor were to produce a ukulele, the USA made elite series by Kala would be it.

    Is this a current picture or already some years old?
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    Price Drop Back on Market - Pepe Romero Custom, Tiny Tenor Supermodel, German Moon Spruce & Brazilian Rosewood

    If this does not have proper documentation of rosewood source that allows transport across borders I'd be concerned for sure.
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    FYI. Graded list of ukulele makers

    As mentioned the ranking seems quite old. It may also help to rank ukes within similar groups, eg. rank the luthier/small shop ukes as a group, rank the big brand name mass produced ukes as a group, and rank the low price online/amazon only exotic brands as third group.
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    If Taylor were to produce a ukulele, the USA made elite series by Kala would be it.

    As a guitar player I fail to see the appeal of Taylor guitars. For me they have more marketing hype than substance and the ones I played in stores were "nice" but also felt kinda plasticky and cheap. I think that their main utility is for playing in church and supporting the worship genre...
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    Facebook group mothballed

    I am a frequent facebook user to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world, and am also member of a few interest groups, including administering the local uke player facebook group. I never encountered a UU related group, though of course I get many uke related ads from FB. I...
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    The search for the absolute sound.

    That is a notable statement. Switching to linear tuning is a very frequent question from the novice uke players, and my advice is usually not to just change the G string but get a whole set that is designed for low G to avoid the potential issue of poor balance where the low G just does not fit...
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    Strings Cutting a wound string without unraveling?

    With nylon wound just melt the cut end into a blob of winding and core.
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Scepter by Pops

    Congrats. I think I may have played this in the store as well a couple of months ago. I was impressed by the power and clarity of this uke.
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    Strings Opinions on various wound strings?

    All wound strings are repackaged guitar strings and d'addario just don't label them as ukulele, but they have a huge selection of diameters. So basically you need to include each guitar string manufacturer to cover it all
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    Blues entry on Uke

    I tend to use 6 and 7 chords for blues.
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    Strings Opinions on various wound strings?

    Several of these are the same. All polished brass (e.g. Fremont, Romero, Oasis etc) are actually rebranded LaBella. Most of these are fairly exotic strings whereas I think that most people use regular cheap silver wound strings like d'addario or Aquila.
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    Switch to Low G - wound or unwound?

    This was not about rules but about sets that include low G. So name a set that mixes fluorocarbon with nylon! If you have time to experiment with mixing and matching then sure go ahead.
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    Switch to Low G - wound or unwound?

    I tend to look at this from perspective of whole set rather than G string in addition to other strings. So if you buy whole set the choices are more limited. Plain fluorocarbon only goes with other fluorocarbon ideally of same type. Plain Aquila red comes with other Aquila. Only wound strings...
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    Setup Saddle material: Is the choice solely a maters of aesthetics?

    I have ukes with nuts and saddles made of different materials and I think the ones with ebony nut and saddle have best resonance (which of course may be due to other characteristics). However if I was to use a metal wound string as is popular for low G then I would prefer bone or plastic as they...
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    Why can't I play a G major chord?

    Good question. My immediate answer would have been that I place all at the same time, but with some thought it seems that I went index, middle, ring, and pinky when I started out. Later I tried to play as much as possible with middle, ring, and pinky and leave the index for barring only.
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    Distribution of playing across your collection?

    Oh really one violin only? Well here in Canada in my town the fiddlers often have multiple violins. One guy who comes to the bluegrass jam has at few hundred and is actively selling them listing a few dozen at a time.
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