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    The note that never ends!

    I'm taking notes here!
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    How many folks here have come to the ukulele from the guitar?

    I learned a few chords on my dad's guitar, but made the transition to bass pretty quickly. And although I still "identify" as a bass player (I play electric upright in my uke group), I have more fun playing the uke these days.
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    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: Flight Fireball

    Thank you so much, @TimWilson !!! I have seen plenty of @4stringboy 's videos in the past. Never noticed the use because until yesterday I wasn't gassing for a new one 😁
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    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: Flight Fireball

    Bumping this one - is it a good use for fingerstyle playing?
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    Creating Bass Lines

    You didn't ask, but I'm telling you this nonetheless :D Two great books for creating bass lines are: The Lost Art Of Country Bass Walking Jazz Lines For Bass Now, these are bass instruction books and the second one does NOT have tab (but I can't read music and I still am working my way...
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    Why are people so afraid of Music Theory?

    I'll reply first and read the thread later: few people have managed to explain certain things to me in a way that actually makes sense. Learn scales! Why? You have to! It will help! How? This is the C major. Learn it up and down the neck! Okay, and how do I apply it to songs? Play it up and...
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    A Signature Ukulele

    Why not? My dad built me a bass (and a surprisingly good one at that) and he plans on building a uke next. I wanted another bass but hey, no complaints here! :D Do you plan on doing anything special with it? Lacquer it or give it a specific color etc?
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    Song Help Request Sound Files for Robert Johnson for Ukulele

    How do you find the book to be? Is it interesting, arrangement-wise? Difficult, or a lot of the same old same old? I want to buy it but I've burned myself on books before... Thanks!
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    To the more experienced players - Have you held onto your first ukulele?

    I got my first uke from my friends, as a bday gift. I got my second uke fr a gift certificate from my friends, as a bday gift 😁 No one expected me to like the first one. I sold my first, second and third bass. Also gave one away. And I still have 4 + an electric upright, so no regrets there.
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    Biggest obstacle you overcame playing ukulele?

    I recognize this very much. As someone who'd been playing bass for close to 18 years before first picking up a uke, it was very difficult to accept that I was essentially "starting over". I picked songs and techniques above my then skill level, and it made everything progress a lot slower than...
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    I’ve been away a (very) long time

    Hi aquadan, I joined ages ago but I am a very inactive member - mostly a lurker. Welcome back, and best of luck!!
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    Spending a gift certificate

    Well the idea here is: - I have a gift certificate for an Amazon-like online store; - the store has a limited amount of ukes for sale; - I don't want to get a budget tenor, but wouldn't mind a soprano that is (somewhat) better than my current Mahalo soprano I would love to have my pick, but...
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    Spending a gift certificate

    Thanks for the replies so far! To make my initial post clear, the idea is not to buy something I would normally not want (to buy). The idea is to buy something I do want, but would be less inclined to spend money on. A tenor uke is something I am very much inclined to spend money on, but I will...
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    Uke challenge

    I'm in. Simply cos there's no deadline.
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    Spending a gift certificate

    I won a gift certificate at work, for EUR 75,- to be spent online, on one of those sites that sells everything you can think of. I was going to spend it on books, but my best friend told me to "spend it on something I wouldn't otherwise buy" ... After some thought, I settled on getting a uke. I...
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    Why Ukulele?

    My main reason for picking up the uke was because I wanted to get a better understanding of chords and chordal theory, to help with my bass playing. I found the uke to be incredibly rewarding and frustratingly challenging at the same time. I don't quite practice enough (in my uke group I play...
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    Song Help Request The Belltower recording? (Will Bickart book)

    Drop me a PM, I think I still have it on my work laptop.
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    Baritone Ukulele Aerobics

    I am doing the "regular" non-Baritone version. I am at week 22, but I've been at it for years. Not meant to discourage anyone: this year I practiced uke 3x so far, as in: once per month. So it's really down to me :D
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