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    Song Help Request Proper tempo for “It’s Only A Paper Moon”?

    We do it at about the Ella Fitzgerald tempo & it sounds great. Just go with what you are comfy with. ;)
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    Song Help Request Arthur Godfrey's Ukulele Song

    This is the one I've done up for our group
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    Song Help Request "Ukulele Song" by Arthur Godfrey

    Here's a version I wrote up 10 years ago ... enjoy
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    Setup...Is it really worth it?

    Reputable sellers, like Mim (a member of UU) sets up EVERY uke that leaves her shop. Even beginner's ukes, really, 'should' be set up properly - as they will find it easier to play - but they rarely are. If I was buying a high end uke ($700 up) I would expect it to be fully set up already...
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    50 Classical Themes for low G Ukulele

    With your Baritone - you can play the same fingering as shown on the TAB. You just won't be playing the same 'notes'. I often use Guitar TABS for melody playing on my GCEA uke ... Give it a go. Good Luck
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    Song Help Request I will always love you

    Here's one ..... give it a go (the TAB sheet is immediately below the Youtube Video)
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    How would you make a ukulele sound like an electric guitar?

    My Roland Amps have lots of switches that change the sound of the uke to grunge or whatever you want it to be!! ;)
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    Question about Strings

    Can someone please explain the difference in quality or sound of the 'new Nylgut' strings in the brown pack vs the 'original' Nylgut Strings in the cream pack. Thank you
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    Battery powered ukulele amplification...

    Damn! Now it has happened to my own Roland Mobile Cube .... the battery compartment is dripping wet with acid from Energiser batteries this evening! :( The amp was playing up so I swapped to 6 x new batteries, then it stopped altogether! Pulling the 2nd lot of batteries out .... they were...
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    Sleepwalk - Santo and Johnny

    And another Version ...
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    Song Help Request Help with converting piano music to ukulele tab

    Yeehaa! Glad you like it Neil!! I think it is wonderful! I'm telling EVERYBODY (including my uke group!) I can read/play piano (from 60 years ago) - but I can't 'play TAB' from piano notation! Really Weird! I have some sort of mental block - so this is terrific. James Hill (for example)...
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    Song Help Request Help with converting piano music to ukulele tab

    An old thread - but if you can play the melody on Piano - this will turn it into Ukulele TAB. Brilliant!
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    Song Help Request Can anyone transfer sheet music into an Ukulele Tab?

    An old thread .... but if anyone can play the piano notes for the Melody - this will turn it into Ukulele TAB! Brilliant
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    Battery powered ukulele amplification...

    Hi guys, One of my uke group purchased an 'as new' 2nd hand Roland Mobile Cube a couple of months back - and when plugging her mic in last week - it made a big noise and now it won't turn on at all using the batteries. She said it was turned off before she plugged the mic in. I've tested it...
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    A String not playing thru Amp after replacing strings

    Hi guys I recently replaced all 4 strings on my Kala Concert Travel Uke ka-sstu-ce. I removed all 4 strings, instead of one at a time - and now the A string no longer sounds thru the amp. The other 3 strings play nicely. I do recall that the bridge fell off & I thought I put it back 'the...
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    Song Help Request Do the Hula Swing

    Not sure if it is still available ....
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