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  1. vcs700s

    Switch to Low G - wound or unwound?

    Unwound for me.
  2. vcs700s

    Strap Recommendations

    +++ on Sherrin’s Threads. They are all I use.
  3. vcs700s

    On the wall or in the case?

    As a rule, on the wall in a humidified room.
  4. vcs700s

    Skipping Jams

    You are not alone. I have to drive 60-90 minutes, one way, to attend a jam. Nothing local. Gets old after a few trips and costs money with fuel and tolls.
  5. vcs700s

    Country awards bass player with Hofner bass.

    I have two Hofners. Labella flatwounds on both.
  6. vcs700s

    Can't decide on a stick-on sound hole. Poll: round or ƒ?

    I prefer no holes.
  7. vcs700s

    Flatwound on a UBass - advice please

    Galli flatwounds on my U Bass. Great feel and tone.
  8. vcs700s

    Recommend a U Bass

    Awesome! Thanks.
  9. vcs700s

    Recommend a U Bass

    Which Kala fretless did you purchase?
  10. vcs700s

    Recommend a U Bass

    I ended up buying a Kala U Bass from Web Parrot. Love it!
  11. vcs700s

    Review- Millar Phil Doleman Soprano Uke

    Both are equal in build etc. Millar is louder for sure. Can’t go wrong with either.
  12. vcs700s

    Review- Millar Phil Doleman Soprano Uke

  13. vcs700s

    Recommend a U Bass

    More of an upright sound. I’ve been researching today and it looks like the Kala Nomad would be a good place to start. $200 and free shipping. Thoughts on a battery powered amp for my cave?
  14. vcs700s

    Recommend a U Bass

    I’ve had small basses. Really want a U bass.
  15. vcs700s

    Recommend a U Bass

    As a former bass player I am thinking about purchasing a u bass. Lots of info on YT so I thought I would check with all of you. Acoustic appeals but solid body is good too. Any insights or recommendations?
  16. vcs700s

    Where did you buy your uke(s)?

    Mim, aNueNue USA, TUS, Marketplace.
  17. vcs700s

    How many folks here have come to the ukulele from the guitar?

    Started on guitar when I was 11. Picked up the ukulele when I was 61. Nine years later no more guitar due to back and shoulder issues. It is ukulele exclusively now. Love it!❤️
  18. vcs700s

    What is your favorite Koa uke that is not a K brand :)

    I only have one Koa uke, my Ohana CK-450 (P).
  19. vcs700s

    If you could only have one.....and only one....what would it be?

    Of my current group- Ohana TK-39, hands down. Light, resonant, great volume and tone. Plays like butter thanks to Mim.
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