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  1. bilbo56

    Acquired Ukulelezaza Songbooks

    Was able to get the 5 Vols. +the e book. Contacted Remco Houtman-Janssen through Facebook. It was a pleasure to interact with him. Thanks everyone
  2. bilbo56

    Acquired Ukulelezaza Songbooks

    How do I contact him on Facebook?
  3. bilbo56

    Electric only Uke experiences?

    I have the Pono in Electric Blue. (Looks greener to me) I l haven't recorded with it. Is fairly quiet when not plugged in. It's a great change of pace from my acoustic instruments and I usually play it about twice a month. Just love playing with amps, pedals and effects...
  4. bilbo56

    Acquired Ukulelezaza Songbooks

    Still looking. I emailed several weeks ago, but never got a reply. In the meantime, I was scammed. It wasn't a lot of money, but I should have known better. The old "so and so has what you are looking for."
  5. bilbo56

    Questions about the Enya Concert Acousticplus

    Baz at "Got a Ukulele" really likes the tenor and so do I, but I don't know about the acoustic plus part.
  6. bilbo56

    Festival Ukulele Harmonic Convergence VII (Lancaster, PA)

    Both links tell me I don't have permission.
  7. bilbo56

    Against All Odds (Phil Collins)

    Love it. What a great way to start my rainy Sunday morning!
  8. bilbo56

    Acquired Ukulelezaza Songbooks

    I can't find these anywhere on the internet. I think there are 2 or 3. Anyone care to part with theirs. Thanks Bill
  9. bilbo56

    Small quality amp for a 6-string bari/guitalele under $200

    I found mine works better with a pre amp or booster first.
  10. bilbo56

    Admin Marketplace Topic Discussions

    Don't feel bad. I think many UU members either don't know there is a PM system, or just never notice they have one. I've PMed many times on the UU marketplace and just in general, and never got a response. Even though it's redundant I'd always post "PM sent" or some such in the main post.
  11. bilbo56

    Removing (Not Friction) Peghead Tuners

    Okay thanks. That explains it. Thanks for the link. And now I understand why I had so much trouble adjusting them.
  12. bilbo56

    Removing (Not Friction) Peghead Tuners

    I did what watch that video. My issue is no screws on the back of the buttons. I'll try to figure it out after I take the strings off..
  13. bilbo56

    Removing (Not Friction) Peghead Tuners

    No screw on the back. You mean the back of the button, right?
  14. bilbo56

    Removing (Not Friction) Peghead Tuners

    I'm about to replace friction peghead tuners with a set of Gotoh planetaries. I've done my research, watched videos, gathered the proper parts, tools, etc. Everything I've looked at starts with remove the friction tuners, then goes into great detail about installing the UPTLs. My question is...
  15. bilbo56

    Help on Gotoh UPTL install? - Accidentally reamed hole too big

    Nice work. I plan on changing a set rear facing frictions, tuners with Gotohs, this week. Same button color.
  16. bilbo56

    Córdoba 24C Concert - REVIEW

    My first ukulele was a Cordoba CM20. I got it on Ebay. Amazon also sell them (the 24C), but like you said no setup or quality control. Returns are easy on amazon though.
  17. bilbo56

    New Uke Day (NUD) Moonbird

    +1 aNueNue _Bird fan club! I must be in the minority, but I like the headstock design.
  18. bilbo56

    Friends of Old Puppy

    I have one, and though it only gets a couple days in the rotation each month, it's a lot of fun. I get to play with my amps and pedals. It's fine to practice unplugged too.
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