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  1. Timm_S

    MN Noob

    Hello alweasel from another MN player. I'm relatively new to this too, started playing in February. This UU is amazing, so many helpful people here. Welcome aboard!
  2. Timm_S

    What tuning/stringing do you prefer for playing instrumental/classical music on the ukulele?

    I've only got the low-G uke, unless I borrow my 4-yr old granddaughter's (rather cheap) high-G Soprano. I'm still just barely getting used to standard uke tuning so haven't ventured out past that yet... Though I have played a little normal guitar ever since about 1965 (even owned a couple of...
  3. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    Well Tom, I liked hearing your piece so much I had to also give it a try. After playing so many exercises lately in the key of F, it was refreshing to try something new in A. So... I challenged myself to see if I could learn and get through it all in one single session this morning. It's not...
  4. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    Everyone in this Classical Thread has always been so encouraging and supportive. You all have given me a new angle to approach and play the uke in ways I never anticipated when I first picked this up. Thank you all so much for sharing the light! 🙏
  5. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    Thanks Patty, I did have to concentrate a bit extra on that technique at first, but now it sure feels much easier and more natural. Maybe progress is being made!
  6. Timm_S

    Show us your ukes!

    Those are some seriously rad ukes.
  7. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    Right! How can anyone not get their body grooving to the music of Fernando Sor?! 🕺
  8. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    As I have been working my way through Grade 1 of the Jeff Peterson book since the start of spring, I came to this Study #2 by Fernando Sor. My initial plan to try and absorb Peterson's recommended finger-picking was vexing me, and the progress was painfully slow. I just couldn't get through...
  9. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    Yeah, if you mentioned you felt "hurried", that did not come across in your playing. Still had that nice dreamy quality to it...
  10. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    Such a fine little piece of music. Most excellent playing! 👏
  11. Timm_S

    Have you picked up a ukulele today?

    Ran through all of the pieces from Grade 1 of the Peterson Classical book this morning at least once or twice, then started the first piece—the Brahms: Berceuse in Grade 2 which actually seemed unexpectedly easy to read through the first time (it helps that it’s such a familiar melody).
  12. Timm_S

    You know you're a uke nerd when...

    Not uke-specific—but you know you're a music nerd when sitting at a stop light in the rain waiting to make a left turn, and mentally calculating the poly-rhythms between the wiper blade sweeps and the turn signal clicks.
  13. Timm_S

    Post your random pictures

  14. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    Just delightful! And very evocative of the aptly named title.
  15. Timm_S

    You know you're a uke nerd when...

    Seems perfectly reasonable and normal to me...
  16. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    This has become one of my favorite study pieces as well. And a most lovely reading of it, Tom! 👍👍
  17. Timm_S

    Classical Ukulele Players Challenge!

    Love this little piece. A very thoughtful and sensitive rendering. (This must be Sor's original version where it dips down into the lower strings, unlike the uke arrangement?)
  18. Timm_S


    I've been occasionally lurking and enjoying the many creative contributions from the veteran Seasonistas to these challenges; fully never expecting to jump in since I am not—and never have been—much of a singer. But this topic reminded me of this great song by Sons Of The Pioneers that I really...
  19. Timm_S

    New question on file uploads

    Oh okay, that's the step I forgot to do today! Yes my previous ones were both via you tube. Thanks for the reminder. Operator error.
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