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    charango acoustics?

    They are super-ukuleles, with extra strings and even an extra course. That does mean that the top is built quite sturdy, in order to cope with all that tension. Switching to just four string will make a very quiet instrument, with a broad neck. I've also learned that the armadillo backed...
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    Ukulele Paraphernalia

    I've also got a collection of ukulele ink stamps - fun with decorating enveloppes!
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    Please help me identify this very vintage instrument!

    Stromberg-Voisinet, possibly branded as a Kay, 1920s. The 4 dots, 12 J-hooks and headstock point in that direction, at least.
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    Lardy Fatboy

    It's still accessible as an archived website:*/ (15th of August 2022 is the latest archived date). The owner did make an attempt to make it a more conjoined effort using a wiki page, but that didn't last very long...
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    Schireson Hollywood ukulele

    Ukulelezaza is quite knowledgeable on these ukes. the Fleamarket Music Forum marketplace might be a good spot for getting a fair price. From 'The Glory of Love': designer of these ukes was Robert E. Pearson there were four styles/models, 6 (mahogany), 8 (koa), 9 (koa with spruce top) and 10...
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    Timms Traveling Ukulele -Update

    Apparantly, it all started in the early 1970s with a garden gnome travelling to the South Pole... It's also a major plot element in Le Fabuleux Desting d'Amélie Poulain (2001 - with great music by Yann Thiersen, by the way). The Toy Voyagers, plushy...
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    Timms Traveling Ukulele -Update

    It's in good hands. At least, it was, last december.
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    Ukulele Cosmos

    Yup! The UC travelling Timms ukulele was with me from last november to the New Year, and then I sent it all the way up to Sven in Sweden. Between 2020 and 2023 it was a bit stuck in Japan. It's still in good playing condition, and its back is filled with names, doodles and dates. Actually, that...
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    Where Are You Currently In Your Uke Buying/Selling

    Not too many pizza-lovers, though...
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    5 string instrument - Jacob Collier

    The sheer number of strings isn't novel, but his tuning is: lower strings in fifths like a mandola (wide jumps, at the 7th fret, logical lay-out and more range), upper strings in fourths like a guitar or ukulele (closer, at the 4th or 5th fret, easier chording). Even lap steels (infamous for...
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    What is an unpopular/controversial opinion you have regarding the ukulele?

    The ukulele's popularity was probably kickstarted by the 1880's mandolin craze. It was as small and handy, but less painful both to aspiring players and to their involuntary audiences.
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    Banjolele identification help needed

    The headstock shape points to Chicago, where the Slingerland made them for different brands. I've never seen that cross inlay before, though...
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    Happy National Ukulele Day!

    Just for clarification: in other videos, Mike Lynch explained it was because that was the date George Harrison visited Jim Beloff in 1999, and left him a letter explaining why everyone should learn to play the ukulele (paraphrasing Pete Seeger as well as Charlie Brown: playing a musical...
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    What makes a uke's bridge suddenly explode away from the body?

    With hot hide glue it's the opposite of drying out: too much humidity will weaken the bond. Different strings cause different tensions as well.
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    Vintage uke tonewoods

    Interesting article by Sandor, thank you! Monkeypod was another tonewood often used on ukuleles. I've seen maple (a classic hard tonewood, f.e. on Radiotones and Gélas), some cypres (on Spanish guitarricos, a classic softer tonewood), and walnut and pearwood (rather hard tonewood, used in...
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    Vintage martin tenor or not?

    The 'made in the USA' makes it after 1961 (or 1960, or 1962), the serial number narrows that down to 1992. The pin bridge was abandoned soon after (I have to find my Walsh book on the Martin Ukulele, it's here somewhere). It's probably closer to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's instrument than the...
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    Cheap brands going upscale

    It's a bit like succesfull car brands and models: every few years they become larger, a bit more expensive, more upscale... People are used to them, have liked them since they began driving, and stick to the same brand and model, which has just become a bit better and bigger.
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    Uke Instruction for people with special needs

    The one finger book explains (at the end) how you can replace familiar chord shapes by single finger ones, even for D and G chords. A lot of two chord song with a I-V structure (Iko Iko, Banana Boat Song, When Love Comes to Town, Marina, Jambalaya, Achy Breaky Heart, 3 is the Magic Number...
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    Your preferred number Frets before joining body

    Devekey ukuleles famously had a body-neck joint at the tenth fret... with no better reason than to @#!*# players off. And to have a bigger body cavity with that elongated shape.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    What's better than a 1920s or 1930s Martin 3K? Or even a 5K from the same era? Well, two of them, actually. Employee models in a duet case. But don't look at the asking price, and just remember that shipment is a mere 30 $ we all can afford...
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