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  1. Joko

    just wondering...seasonal anticipation syndrone

    I figured if I posted before midnight Hawaii time, and I have...
  2. Joko

    Week 641 - Going to Katmandalamazoo, Titicacamonga, and Wooloo Wooloo!

    Odd start due to a move to another city... Back to Mandalay! The very name Mandalay, due to the strangely geographically incorrect poem of the same name by Rudyard Kipling, tends to evoke a romantic notion of the exotic orient in the minds of many. With it's moat-surrounded city-center...
  3. Joko


    I've done it twice before for the seasons, so I won't do it myself, but I encourage anyone to play Ballad of the Absent Mare by Leonard Cohen or Ballad of the Runaway Horse by EmmyLou Harris or Jennifer Warnes
  4. Joko

    Season 639 - You Tell ME What the Theme Is

    Bringing back this entry from Season 54 for my throwback entry. I hope it stands alone as entertainment, but as I tried to remake Oasis's video as faithfully as I could, I'd recommend reviewing the original video of their 2002 hit "Songbird"... It just so happens to be my most-watched Seasons...
  5. Joko

    Season 639 - You Tell ME What the Theme Is

    Hello. Hello. Hello. Good news! I think I've found a new job in Mandalay, a city with a much better quality of life than here in the Yangon. I bring some Taylor on my rarely-played concert ukulele.
  6. Joko

    Sign up for future Seasons IV

    If I may, dibs on week 641, please. *note - I'm skipping the nice round 640 because 641 is my birthday week.
  7. Joko

    Season 638: Road signs

    The A's cap and Raiders T-shirt are worn to represent Green Day's origins and my previous stomping grounds, the East Bay. On several occasions, I've recorded an entry for the Seasons only to realize that I'd done the same tune before. This falls into that category.
  8. Joko

    Seasonistas on-line get together / open mic

    The video dare I referenced this evening - recorded July 1st, 2007.
  9. Joko

    Season 637 - Here and Now

    I'm trying to not getting too comfortable being unemployed, and although I've lined up a new teaching gig here in Yangon, it doesn't start until June. So this song expresses a 'here and now'ness that can be utterly unpredictable, world-changing and gut-wrenching when the thing you've been doing...
  10. Joko

    Season 636 - One for sorrow...

    I do live streaming sometimes on another platform, and I finally decided to give this vocally challenging number a go when a repeat viewer requested it more than once. It's sorrowful for sure, so it fits with our dear friend Bob King's theme for the week. Now I'm just waiting for the requester...
  11. Joko

    SOTU 635: Castles

    I seem to recall at least one other Seasonista covering this Steve Earl classic sometime in the last few years. For me, it's a repeat of locations Week 55. Additional commentary at the end of the video.
  12. Joko

    SOTU 635: Castles

    David Allan Coe performed a tribute to Bob Dylan called Castles in the Sand back in 1983.... Here's an incomplete cover...
  13. Joko

    Season 634 - Love Your Larynx!

    Performed live at the Seasonista Open Mic Get together...
  14. Joko

    SOTU 633: Time is on my side (yes it is)

    Congratulations and gratitude goes out to our first-time host for this week 633. I hope a song called "A Thousand Years" qualifies for the theme.
  15. Joko

    Tuning a baritone to EADG has it's uses

    Such as playing guitar tabs which focus on power chords and/or strings 3-6. I first did this a few years back, and I decided back then it wasn't very useful in most applications, but since I needed it for a song I'm working on at the moment, Enter Sandman, I share it in this 2-minute vid.
  16. Joko


    I was scanning via google maps the local businesses in my new neighborhood the other day when I came across the name of a shop I wasn't expecting to see. The Moe Heain Music shop, home of Moe Heain Guitars, was a mere two blocks from my apartment here in the Sanchaung district of Yangon. I was...
  17. Joko

    Season 631: I Mist You

    I wouldn't miss a Jon week. This STARTED as a song referencing the wind, but as you probably know, it also refers to the ants being my friend, so I took that premise and ran,.. {T:Bowling In to Win} {st:Bob Dylan & Joko} Capo 2 [C]How man [F] erodes must[G]ard man bogged [C]down Be[C]ef or...
  18. Joko

    Season 631: I Mist You

    Is this where I upload the fine fragrance of my fabulous feet?
  19. Joko

    Season 630

    Bernie! I've just celebrated, if one could call it that, ten years in this country of Myanmar. To be honest, well... things could be better, I'll leave it at that while I leave the week with a Tom Waits number, recorded live to YouTube here on the last day of the challenge...
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