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    Looking to buy a Cedar top tenor, but which back and side?

    I’m a sucker for the combination of cedar and rosewood; by all means, don’t forget to include Mainland’s instruments in your search.
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    MN Noob

    There are lots of ukulele opportunities here in the cities; look up Twin Cities Ukulele Club on Google and you’ll find the calendar and list of events. I will be teaching some beginner and intermediate ukulele classes as a part of the Silver Creek International Ukulele Carnival in August...
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    Flight Spirit concert uke arrived - PROBLEMS - Help!

    I had forgotten about the string-through aspect and I own a Flight Spirit. That might tell you that either I have too many ukuleles (guilty) or that it’s time to change strings (also likely). So as Terry stated, the bridge is never going to rip off; the bigger question is if the cracks will...
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    I have a really dumb question but I am not a musician so I'll ask anyway...

    I’m a music educator, with a PhD in music. I taught high school choir, music theory, music technology, guitar and music history, middle school choir, and now elementary music. I started teaching ukulele in 2016 to middle school students and still teach it to my 5th graders today. I teach...
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    Garage Band for Androids and Macbook upgrade?

    I’d point you to Soundtrap; there is definitely a free version and it is web-based. It’s the only viable solution for schools that have gone all-in on Chromebooks. The only problem is that schools don’t provide funding for the musical web apps that can make Chromebooks into useable devices for...
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    Powered string winders/tuners

    I’ve reviewed many and need to put up my review of the Enya. Ultimately: if you have more than two ukuleles to tune at a time, get one. School situations, group leaders, big collections, music stores. They do not work with friction tuners or UPTs. They do make changing strings easier...
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    ISO all-wood banjolele

    Aaron Keim could do it (Beansprout), but O don’t know if they have a Banjolele (he does make banjos)
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    Calling all KoAloha Opio Concert (acacia) Owners

    I’m at a loss for words here. The Opio line has been an incredible bargain for years; roughly 95% of the sound and all the playability of a full KoAloha at roughly 50% of the price. I’m not sure the Opio line made the changes of the KoAloha line over the past years; I haven’t bothered to check...
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    Roadie 3 tuning machine

    I think the Roadie 3 is great for individuals; also consider the new Enya Smart Tuner (though the posts are small) and the Jowoom T2 Smart Tuner.
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    NUD Disappointment

    I would be willing to wager that if you contact any of the other established dealers who sell these models and ask if they have a discount code they can share, or a best price, all you have to do is ask…but do remember that the other quality dealers include a setup and shipping at this price...
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    Graph tech ratio tuners

    I’ve had to swap several geared tuners from Kala, Mahalo, and Diamond Head over the years (school ukuleles) and had a friend that needed a tuning head for their Flight Travel. It happens. Most famous are friction tuners that come with the cardboard washers…those are terrible, too.
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    Graph tech ratio tuners

    I have these on four ukuleles, and have no problem with them…and if they should break, I’ll replace them with the updated version. I’m quite happy with standard geared tuners, and was able to acquire some KoAloha specific geared tuners for my concert and long neck KoAlohas (Opio models, my...
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    iPad 10.2" (8"x6"), 9th gen for uku tabs/sheet music?

    There are apps designed for this use (forScore and Unrealbook as two examples) that read PDFs and do not go to sleep. You can also adjust your power settings to turn off the sleeping function. If you want to stick to paper, great. However, in the ukulele groups I play with, they use both of...
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    Questions about the Enya Concert Acousticplus

    I have reviewed this in concert format and eventually sold mine; however, I still have the soprano, concert, and tenor versions of this ukulele. Tenor isn't my natural scale (I defer to concert). However, I wish (and so do many others) that they offered the "pro" in the concert. Long story...
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    Strings Perry's Octave Strings (GCEA)

    I noticed that World of Ukes posted about Guadalupe Bari low GCEA for Baritone as well; I can’t see that product on their website, but it looks like another option for those wishing to try this tuning.
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    New , Enya Smart Tuner , Metronome & String Winder

    I totally agree with this; I have not tried the version 3 Roadie, but Version 2 would have lots of “accidental spins.” When I contacted Roadie, they said I should have a profile for each ukulele, and I was tuning over 60 ukuleles multiple times per day at the time. Therefore, I’ll absolutely...
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    New , Enya Smart Tuner , Metronome & String Winder

    Just ordered one and will eventually compare it to my Jowoom T2 smart tuner which has been my favorite tuner thus far for school settings. The Roadie models work well, too, but I would suggest them for people with a few ukuleles to tune (personal use) rather than school use. None of these...
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    Check out my wacky old Bonanza

    Not that wacky and not that old; the HPL is an interesting print, but I know that Pete made a few with that print; and the wooden “label” in the soundhole probably dates the instrument as not too old.
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    Review: Aklot Eight String Tenor Ukulele

    In GCEA “standard” eight string tuning, the lowest note is the G below middle C. There is no C on the instrument below that, unless you do some other kind of string and tuning.
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    Nova U Mini modification - Silent Practice Uke

    I’ll correct myself. I was thinking about Aquila Reds. I also thought that Worth Browns had some texture which would eat at a plastic fret—so I went to a couple of my instruments with Worth Browns (e.g. Cocobolo Concert and Aklot 8 String) and the Worth Browns are not textured at all. They...
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