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  1. actadh

    I miss her.

    I am so sorry, Nickie. It hurts, and will hurt at unexpected times. My heart goes out to you.
  2. actadh

    Hi from Los Angeles

    Hi Peggie - I still have my first ukulele - a solid spruce top concert Luna. It was sold set up by the vendor - The Ukulele Site - back when they still carried Luna brand. It is really nice and sentimental to me as I started my journey on it.
  3. actadh

    Outdoor Uke Brand Input

    I have one of the first run Outdoor tenors in bottle brown. It stays in my camper year round. I can count on it to sound great on my travels, and in my ukulele group.
  4. actadh

    Baritone Uke Sizes - HELP!

    I have a vintage Vega with a wonderful deep tone, and just picked up a 2013 Mainland from Jake Wildwood. Both are mahogany, but sound different in a good way.
  5. actadh

    Hello from California

    Welcome to the forums. Your Martins sound like wonderful ukes to learn with on your journey.
  6. actadh

    All Enya HPL models DISCONTINUED

    I gave two grandkids the round HPL camp uke model. It was quiet, but that was not a bad thing. The best aspects were that it had a truss rod and the neck disassembled from the body, so it was fantastic for packing in a suitcase.
  7. actadh


    Welcome! I have bought a few off marketplace here and been very happy with my purchases.
  8. actadh

    Mahogany Tenors

    I have the Mainland mahogany tenor in glossy with the beautiful rope binding. Just bought a matching baritone.
  9. actadh

    My self-published Ukulele Instrumentals book for ukulele groups and teachers

    Welcome and congratulations! I am enjoying the videos.
  10. actadh

    Old but new

    Hello and welcome back! I also find playing sopranos easiest with my arthritis.
  11. actadh

    DIY: When side markers are not enough

    Dollar store stickers. My blue willow laminate sopranissino O' Nino has matching blue stars for side markers thanks to my granddaughter. Several of my ukes have reinforcement labels cause I am cheap and had some in my office. Plus, they are easy to see.
  12. actadh

    "WAIMANALO BLUES" PLAY-ALONG w/ Intro Tutorial

    Very nice, thank you.
  13. actadh

    Been playing ukulele for a few months. Already bought my second one. :3

    Welcome! There are some good finger strengthening exercises. I usually warm up with some of these:
  14. actadh

    Long neck worth it?

    I bought a Shima long neck soprano from UU Marketplace a few years ago in your price range. Really nice sound and beautifully made. I think both of your options are good choices if you get them with a set up, but keep an eye on the marketplace here as well. I have 4 fantastic ukes from here.
  15. actadh

    Advice needed: ukuleles for classroom

    My suggestion is the Enya Nova U soprano. Amazon price was $39. It is what I am playing in this current cold spell, and it is my normal bedside uke. Comes with bag and accessories. It is what i suggest for my music club.
  16. actadh

    Long Neck Soprano question

    They are Worth Browns
  17. actadh

    Long Neck Soprano question

    I have a Shima which has a tenor width fretboard, concert neck, and a soprano body. Really nicely made and sounds great. I tune it down half a step.
  18. actadh

    POLL: Favorite Non-Hawaiian Brand of Uke

    Brueko. I have 3, all bought here.
  19. actadh

    Do YOU think a strap button devalues the instrument?

    I think it would devalue more after dropping the uke without a strap button. I That being said, if it is a two piece side and the lower bout strap button is at the seam, I would pass on a second hand uke.
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