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    Should I Buy One?

    I have one of these planners, and like it. I've used it just as in that picture. I don't have a drum sander, so I used this planner to bring the thickness of sides, fronts and backs down to a reasonable level for sanding. I taped the material to a flat board with double sided carpenter's tape. I...
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    Emergency Lighting

    Nice job you did there Ken. I have a couple of emergency lanterns for when we lose power also. Heaven sent when needed. You sparked my interest, I'll start searching the flea markets for some lanterns. From the National Library of medicine Abstract Gas lantern mantles containing radioactive...
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    Hit a nail

    That's a great cutting blade Ken. How wide is it. Ed
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    Tenor pineapple from Hana Lima Ia plans

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Ed
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    Hit a nail

    That's too bad, a real bummer! I run a metal detector over any questionable wood I use. If you search " Woodworker's metal detector" on ebay, you'll find one by Cen-Tech for $39. regards Ed
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Great! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Thanks for sharing. Ed
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Wow! That's a great find. Knowing you, you'll turn it into some beautiful ukuleles. Ed
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. Ed
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    Wood you believe it

    That's great! :) What a table top that would make. I wonder what stories that tree could tell. :)
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    My latest batch of Concert Ukes

    Beautiful work Paul! Stunning! Ed
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Nice work Sam. Looks good. I just started on a cigar box Ukulele for my son-in-law. I just built him a Tenor uku, and wanted to make him a cigar box uke that he can take when they travel. I'm using a cigar box I bought on ebay. I have a 13.5" fret board for it. Seeing your fine job has got me...
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    Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle Baritone - Photo Set

    Gorgeous instrument! That wood is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Ed
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    My first build

    Thank you. It's easy, he's a great guy. Ed
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    My first build

    It's difficult making an instrument not knowing how to play. But it's not in the cards for me. Attempts in the past have been horrible failures. My dad used to say I should play tenor, and solo. "Ten or 15 miles away, and so low we don't hear you. And you should be on stage, there's one leaving...
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    My first build

    Thank you. My son-in-law loved it, and played it for me. I am not a musician and don't play any instruments. To hear music from an instrument that I made was a very happy moment for me. Ed
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    Not Ukulele but worth a watch

    Good video Ken. Being a retired Tool and Diemaker for 51 years, I got to work in a variety of machine environments. Some like this one and some that were very high tech. Many people don't have a clue how the stuff they use on a daily basis is manufactured. Knowing how modern manufacturing...
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    Tenor Revelator Photo set

    Beautiful!! I wish I could do inlay like that. Ed
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    My first build

    It's getting the job done, that's what's important. That's a good Idea. It's what I would like, to be able to make fixtures like you do. Wood doesn't cut it for some things. Ed
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    My first build

    Thanks Mike, I would like to hear it played also. I don't play. I only picked it enough to tune it. When My son-in-law plays it I will get to hear it. The jury is still out. 😂 Ed
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