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  1. jollyboy

    Kala SMHB truss rod adjustment

    Hi there, I've been having some buzzing issues lately with my Kala baritone. I'm not sure of the exact cause - I have a number of theories: 1. The slots in the ebony nut have worn down a little after the last couple of string changes and so the strings are sitting closer to the fingerboard...
  2. jollyboy

    NUUD: Makala MK-SN £5

    Just bought a used Makala MK-SN from the junk shop across the road. It cost me a fiver. It needs a good clean and some new strings, and the tuners are a bit rusty (but appear to be working). But apart from that it looks fine - neck looks okay, fretboard looks okay. I've been thinking about...
  3. jollyboy

    Does your own worldview impact on the music that you listen to?

    This thread was inspired by another thread (in Uke Talk) about whether people were happy to buy from suppliers and manufacturers who held values and beliefs that did not match their own. So, the question is - are you happy to listen to music made by artists who have expressed opinions you...
  4. jollyboy

    Song Help Request Sticky Ukulele Strings

    It's no fun when cinnamon bun Ends up on your E string. And when your Aquila Lava Is covered in baklava It's no laughing mah-tah!
  5. jollyboy

    Getting chords from finger position

    The Ukulele Helper can, er, help...
  6. jollyboy

    Song Help Request Different strumming patterns for I'm Yours

    I think DUD DUD is basically good but it needs a little chunking thrown into the mix. Try palm muting so it sounds more like (d)(u)D (d)(u)D :)
  7. jollyboy

    Interest check - Seaguar fishing line baritone trebles

    (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.) I have been planning to buy a couple of spools of Seaguar fishing line for use as treble strings on my baritone uke. This would have the advantage of reducing the cost per string to me but would obviously involve a larger initial layout. It would also...
  8. jollyboy

    Ukuleles are our sweethearts

    Hi, I was talking to fellow UUer Mivo just the other day about his most recent impulse purchase (the latest of many) - a very lovely aNueNue Moon Bird concert. He told me of the powerful attraction he felt for this uke and how his overwhelming desire to possess it led him to order one from Matt...
  9. jollyboy

    What Do People Think About Kamoa Ukes?

    I've just been doing some window-shopping at the Southern Ukulele Store website (I might treat myself to a new concert) and I was looking at the Kamoa E3-C. The design interests me it - it comes finished in a number of different colours. Here's the red one. My gut reaction is that I don't like...
  10. jollyboy

    Song Help Request Some songs that combine strumming AND basic fingerpicking?

    @weeshan: If HotRS is a bit too beginner-y (and maybe you are looking more to pick out parts of the melody rather than arpeggiating chords) then I like this version of Here Comes the Sun.
  11. jollyboy

    Song Help Request Some songs that combine strumming AND basic fingerpicking?

    I would say that a good one for beginners is House of the Rising Sun. You can play the intro chords as arpeggios, then change up into strumming for the rest of the song. The song's 6/8 time signature means that a repeated down-and-back up pattern (i.e. 4th-3rd-2nd-1st-2nd-3rd) works really well...
  12. jollyboy

    Song Help Request Songs of Protest and Social Action

    Some more suggestions: I Fought The Law For What It's Worth Imagine Good luck with your group :)
  13. jollyboy

    Music Appreciation Thread - TV/Movie Themes & Soundtracks

    Because it seems like we haven't had one of these threads in a while I thought I would start a new one. Last time around I think we covered just about every genre of popular music there is :) But... IIRC we didn't ever have a thread specifically devoted to film and tv music. I think zztush...
  14. jollyboy

    Strings Aquila carbon black -new strings

    I'm really intrigued by these - and I'm really looking forward to Booli's review :)
  15. jollyboy

    New Baritone Saddle Macgyvered Out Of Tusq XL Nut Blank

    I made a new saddle for my Kala Kala KA-SMHB baritone out of a Tusq XL nut blank. The uke comes with an ebony saddle (and nut) fitted as standard and it's fine - I think it adds to the overall warm tone of the instrument. But I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I could squeeze out a little extra...
  16. jollyboy

    Adventures In Flourocarbon - The (Savarez) Alliance Strikes Back - Fluoro Singles

    This is kind of a tangental continuation of my other recent thread. My ongoing quest to find the perfect string set for my new baritone uke has led me down a few rabbit holes of late and I'm starting to think it's time to explore some "frankenset" options. I have been reluctant to do this...
  17. jollyboy

    Is All Flourocarbon Basically The Same?

    I thought this might provoke some mildly heated debate... The facts: I'm thinking of trying a few different string sets on my new baritone uke. Most of the string sets are made up of some or all clear fluorocarbons. I prefer relatively even tension across all four strings. Finding accurate...
  18. jollyboy

    She Ain't Coming 'Round This Mountain (Alternative Songs For Beginners)

    Feelin' Single, Seein' Double Written by Wayne Kemp Originally recorded by George Jones & The Jones Boys Other notable version by Emmylou Harris Genre: Country Chords: G7 C F D7 A7 Listen to the Emmylou Harris version here Notes The above lyrics are based on the Emmylou Harris version...
  19. jollyboy

    She Ain't Coming 'Round This Mountain (Alternative Songs For Beginners)

    Pistol Packin' Mama Traditional melody with words by Al Dexter Originally recorded by Al Dexter Other notable version by Bing Crosby w/The Andrews Sisters Genre: Folk/Country/Swing/Classic Pop Chords: C G7 Listen to the Al Dexter version here Listen to the Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters version...
  20. jollyboy

    NUD: Kala KA-SMHB All Solid Mahogany Baritone

    Here's a pic - it'll have to do ;) Looks quite a bit like a lot of other Kala baritones, apart from the untidy string ends and the Snark. So, end-of-week update: I put the Martin strings on. The tension is much better and there is more clarity and separation when picking. I ended up taking...
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