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    KoAloha re-designing their ukes for 2024?

    As long as they make a Baritone which I've heard rumours about, I don't care too much about what else they do ;)
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    If you had to choose one

    Baritone, no question.
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    What’s become of the Revelator

    Wow. From Pete Howlett to Kala to made in China Kala. Where else is there to go with this? A 'Build your own Revelator' magazine in 24 parts, first issue $2.99?
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    Oli vs the Bird

    Bird is the word.
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    FDM brand?

    German ukulele maker - Für die Musik ;)
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    Sold Kanile'a Baritone UK - Darkest Koa!

    Sold. Signature edited 😭
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    Sold Kanile'a Baritone UK - Darkest Koa!

    Thank you. It has an almost sinker or bog oak look about it.
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    Sold Kanile'a Baritone UK - Darkest Koa!

    For sale, my beautiful Kanile'a Baritone. This is a K-1 model from 2020 with the darkest, most beautiful molasses coloured Koa I've ever seen. Flawless condition. Willing to ship by DPD within the UK for free.
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    Favourite brand of ukulele?

    KoAloha. Please KoAloha, make a Baritone and make all my dreams come true.
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    I had mine delivered to me in the UK from TUS in under a week. QC set up only but it's absolutely perfect. Couldn't be happier with the service and the instrument. My fourth purchase from them and every time it's like buying in the UK (apart from the import duty of course!). No reason to buy in...
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    Anyone played a new Oli uke?

    It's a new brand and there are quite a lot of them all of a sudden. I have just bought something else from HMS but if I was looking at these I would be a little overwhelmed by the choice right now. I'd also probably think, well, I'll wait until tomorrow as there will probably be even more to...
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    Anyone played a new Oli uke?

    I noticed on a listing for a Pono Master Baritone - So are 'Oli replacing Pono or just the high end range? I see that they are made in the same factory.
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    Sold Koaloha KTM-00MG Mango Tenor Ukulele (special order)

    Absolutely lovely! If I didn't already have a Mango Royal Pikake I would be all over this.
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    Mya Moe Super Tenor

    Looks wonderful. I've always thought their standard tenor model was a touch too small.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    Wow! Just, wow!
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    Moon Bird Baritone!

    Well, it's not inconceivable that he had more than one but yes, high end ukulele sales are not what they were a couple of years ago.
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    Moon Bird Baritone!

    News to me! Looks like a winner.
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    Sold Kamaka HF-4DC UK

    It is currently strung for a right handed player. I wish I knew why it was so hard to sell second hand ukuleles in the UK. I've seen here and elsewhere that some great and rare instruments at less than half the full retail price get offers from everywhere but the UK. People only seem to trust...
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