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  1. captain-janeway

    Finger picking for beginners

    I'll second him. I have a couple of his books and he has a lot of youtube videos
  2. captain-janeway

    Ukuleles, Arthritis and Yours Truly

    Try Fremont Blackline. I use an uwound low g and the strings just feel "softer" to my hands Congrats on being able to play again
  3. captain-janeway

    Trigger thumb anyone?

    Happened different years and I don't know why. I've used mopeds as my cars since I was 17, so maybe braking and using throttle? I got my dad's rotten joints. Bilateral tendontis from computers, knee issues, back problems (drunk in a Caddie vs moped. Guess who won)... Stinks but we all have...
  4. captain-janeway

    Trigger thumb anyone?

    I've had it on both thumbs and both middle fingers (I'll be waiting for the jokes on the middle fingers). Tendon releases fixed all of them. No pain, and they all work great now. Do whatever rehab they tell you.
  5. captain-janeway

    Low G Planning on a Low G Concert. Help me choose?

    Love those strings. Feel soft on your hands. Maybe try Craigslist or someone local so you don't have to sweat that you'll get it in the mail IMO if you like a higher tone get spruce, and if you like a lower sound try cedar
  6. captain-janeway

    For Immediate Release : Unveiling of the New State Flag of Hawaii

    From a design standpoint it's really crowded!! Everything mushes together
  7. captain-janeway

    Are you tenor or soprano?

    Concert because my hands can't handle a tenor scale. My first uke was a tenor cedar top, and I found someone to trade me the same model in a concert. Doesn't sound quite as full, but I love it.
  8. captain-janeway

    Season 630

    Think I still have my dad's album that had it. Odd because it's smaller than a regular album. The only one I've ever seen in this size.
  9. captain-janeway

    Tenor ukulele with concert neck?

    If I could afford one, I'd consider it. It's WAY out of my price range. I'll stick to my Kala cedar. I do love the sound of it.
  10. captain-janeway

    Low G is overwhelming other strings

    Try and Fremont Black unwound. It's a little quieter and just feels better on the hands (mine anyway) You're also going from reentrant to linear tuning so it will sound a little different. A lot of people keeps ukes strung one in low and one in high g. I pick a lot so I love low g. You may...
  11. captain-janeway

    Strings and arthrittis

    For low g I only use Fremont black. They're not wound and o love the way they feel. For the others I've used various ones. The action on the uke seems to be more important. I'd like try a radiused fretboard because I hear they're easier on the hands (especially on small hands like mine).
  12. captain-janeway

    I just bought my first Kala!

    Sounds like a cedar top. I love mine. I'd never be able to afford one the Ks, and I like the sound of this. Kinda like a baby guitar so I love it with low g. Can't play a tenor size or guitar so luckily I love this concert one.
  13. captain-janeway

    A Song You Didn't Know Existed Until You Play Ukulele

    I think a little of both. I started because my knee was blown out and I couldn't dance but wanted something creative to do. I've noticed a lot of the repertoire are early 60s songs which I hadn't really listened to. Unfortunately the Beatles make me want to run screaming from the room, so I end...
  14. captain-janeway

    A Song You Didn't Know Existed Until You Play Ukulele

    Creep. Seriously, I'd never heard it before.
  15. captain-janeway

    What wood is it Wednesday. What type of wood do you think this is?

    The one on the left almost looks like pounded copper. It looks somewhat 3D-ish. Fascinating. The other looks beautiful as well.
  16. captain-janeway

    What wood is it Wednesday. What type of wood do you think this is?

    I really want to know what this is. Doesn't look like another wood I've seen
  17. captain-janeway

    What wood is it Wednesday. What type of wood do you think this is?

    Boy I bet the through the soundboard hole is a bear to string with 8 strings.
  18. captain-janeway

    Long, long Time- Linda Ronstadt

    Nice picking!!
  19. captain-janeway

    I just bought my first Kala! I have this one and adore it. My hands aren't big enough to play clean chords so I traded for the concert and love it. Low g because I finger pick most of my songs. Linear tuning just sounds better to me
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