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  1. KC8AFW

    Old uke gets new lease on life (frankenuke) I have this 1930s Favilla U-2 soprano that I really love the sound. But, the tuners just suck. They were the original tuners that something must have happened to the original someone made some wooden buttons to replace them. As you can see in the following photos, the...
  2. KC8AFW

    New Uke - Ohana SK-38

    I got myself a new Ohana SK-38 from Mike at Uke Republic. I've had this for over a week now...just now getting around to posting some pics. This is one sweet ukulele. The tone is real close to that of my 1930s Favilla. Ohana has done an outstanding job of capturing that vintage sound in a modern...
  3. KC8AFW

    Song Help Request Sing Sing Sing - Louis Prima/Benny Goodman

    Does anyone know of a good ukulele arrangement for Sing Sing Sing (composed by Louis Prima and made famous by Benny Goodman)? I'm looking for somethings similar to the following video...maybe a little simpler as my skill level is not quite to that level.
  4. KC8AFW

    What is better than awesome? Uke Republic!

    What's happenin' UUers. It's been a while since I posted. You know how it goes...have a couple of grandkids and life gets real busy. Anyway...I have a story I wanted to share: I had a recent flare up of UAS. That new Ohana SK-38 really caught my eye and I just had to have one. I looked and saw...
  5. KC8AFW

    UAS Flair Up: Alum-a-uke

    Sometimes you want something...just because it's cool! :iwant:
  6. KC8AFW

    Dream vacation - Ukes at Sea

    I saw a posting from a local ukulele group today and thought I'd share. Sounds like a great time (if only I had the money).
  7. KC8AFW

    Martin LXM Tenor

    Has anyone seen these? I know it is a tenor guitar...but according to Wiki, it can be tuned like a baritone uke (DGBE) or standard C ukulele tuning (GCEA). I was wondering if anyone has tried one of these? It looks very interesting and I...
  8. KC8AFW

    Elvis Costello plays the ukulele

    As I was watching Ken Middleton's excellent version of "The Scarlet Tide", I noticed under related videos there was one of Elvis Costello playing the song on the ukulele. Just thought I'd share.
  9. KC8AFW

    Song Help Request Fly Me To The Moon - Jason Mraz Version

    That's not Jason Mraz. That's UkuleleZaza (Remco) from Belgium. You should check out some of his other stuff. He is an amazing talent.
  10. KC8AFW

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    Sorry I couldn't make it. I had planned on coming...but I had to do my grandpa duties instead. Hopefully I'll make it to one in the near future.
  11. KC8AFW

    Northern Ohio Uke players

    That is awesome, Doug! Way to spread the ukulele love. :shaka: So...where in Ohio are you, anyway?
  12. KC8AFW

    central michigan uke players?

    I feel your pain. You're too far North...I'm too far West. All the cool people are hanging out on the East side. I know there are a couple of Lansing folks on here, though.
  13. KC8AFW

    What's better than an Elvis impersonator... about a George Formby impersonator? This guy (Dave Clarke) has even got the mannerisms down pat. I really enjoyed this and had to share. :D
  14. KC8AFW

    More vintage song books and sheets

    Yes...thank you, Ian. It wasn't until after I began playing the ukulele did I discover how wonderful the music from this era really was. I have really learned to appreciate the chord structures of these songs. Hey, should put your YT channel in your sig or update your profile so we...
  15. KC8AFW

    Song Help Request Such Great Heights help?
  16. KC8AFW

    New social group - Favilla Fanatics

    So I created a new social group - Favilla Fanatics. This is for owners and aficionados of Favilla or Marca Aquila ukes. Check it out and join up!
  17. KC8AFW

    Sweet pea - Amos Lee

    This was just a quick video mainly to show off my new Mainland Honeybee soprano ukulele. I know this song has been covered to death...but I kinda like it.
  18. KC8AFW

    New Mainland Honeybee

    My new Mainland Honeybee arrived yesterday! I've been so busy as of late, I couldn't even post about it until today. Anyway...I like it a whole bunch. Here are a couple of pictures. Hopefully, I can get around to making a video with it next week sometime.
  19. KC8AFW

    Hamano H-100 soprano ukulele - opinions?

    Does anyone have any opinions on the Hamano H-100 soprano uke? I really like the looks of this uke, and the 1920s vibe it has, but I don't know how it sounds. Both Elderly and MGM has them. :anyone:
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