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  1. Dan Uke

    “Nessun Dorma” - Amazing Vocal & Ukulele Performance

    My favorite opera piece! Thx for sharing
  2. Dan Uke

    Case manufacturers: An open request to consider Kamoa used to make a fiberglass that fit perfectly for the Martin sopranos. The best thing about it was it had backpack straps. I sold my Martin 1920s with the Kamoa case awhile ago so don't have pics.
  3. Dan Uke

    NUD: Hive Da Tree and Adirondack Spruce tenor

    Wow sounds great!
  4. Dan Uke

    String recommendations for 19" scale tenor?

    I use the XH sets from Uke Logic on Etsy. It's sold by Joel Blechinger and he's the setup guy from the Ukulele Site.
  5. Dan Uke

    Trade: Ovation 1997 Collections Edition for a Guilalele or Parlor Guitar 21" - 23"

    Trade: Ovation 1997 Collections Edition for a Guilalele or Parlor Guitar 21" - 23" Hello everyone, Just like a few of you, I bought a guitar but it's too long for me. I wanted a hardback so that I don't have to take care of it much and I read that the 1997 Ovation Collector's Series is the...
  6. Dan Uke

    1920s Martin Soprano Style 0 Ukulele - Sound Sample

    Very impressed how much volume comes out of these little guys. Smaller than a today's soprano but louder than my Kamaka longneck Concert. Nice warm tone of hog.
  7. Dan Uke

    2 LFDM for Sale

    2 ukes for Sale Sold both ukes. Thank you
  8. Dan Uke

    Price Lowered : 2016 Ko'olau CS Tenor Cutaway

    Sold...Thank you
  9. Dan Uke

    Custom Ko'olau Tenor Ukulele

    I was able to find some professional pics from HMS.
  10. Dan Uke

    Custom Ko'olau Tenor Ukulele

    More Pics
  11. Dan Uke

    Custom Ko'olau Tenor Ukulele

    Hello, I don't play uke as much so I am selling a Ko'olau custom, which is very unique in that you don't see too many cutaways and even more rare is the fingerboard is bound which means you don't see the fret ends. I haven't played it much so get one in excellent condition without waiting a...
  12. Dan Uke

    WTT : Flea soprano for concert size

    I only play tenor except when traveling so I puchased a soprano for convenience. However, I would prefer to play concert size so anyone that has one for trade, let me know. There's a black line below the bridge but it's not a crack just cosmetic. Includes case. Will add cash to make it work...
  13. Dan Uke

    Pachebel Canon Piano and Ukulele Duet

    My daughter is learning Pachelbel Canon so I decided to accompany her. Thank you for watching.
  14. Dan Uke

    Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel : Instrumental

    I've been trying some new stuff these days. Played on a Ko'olau Tenor Ukulele. Inspired by Kimo Hussey's version
  15. Dan Uke

    Do you like spruce? Poll: Which uke sounds the best?

    I have 3 spruce tenor ukes and wondering which one sounds the best to you? Let me know which one and why. Thanks
  16. Dan Uke

    Almost NUD! Ko'olau Pictures and Video from HMS!

    Interesting the Ko'olau's body is larger than my MBU. I don't know if that's the reason why it's loud. I know the new MBUs are larger, which I would think makes them louder.
  17. Dan Uke

    Battery Operated Acoustic Amp Comparison - Roland AC-33 and Yamaha THR 10C

    These are two of the popular Sub $500 battery operated acoustic amps on the market IMO. Ukulele: Ko'olau Tenor Ukulele with LR Baggs 5.0 Pickup Roland AC-33 Amp with Boss FS-6 Foot Pedal to control looper Yamaha THR-10C
  18. Dan Uke

    Moore Bettah Book release

    I'm so glad I'm on the Westcoast as I got my book today! I'm proud to be the first supporter of the book and I got a 5A koa bookmark, which is way Bettah than a golden ticket! Thank you Staci and Chuck! It might take me awhile to read it all the way through since I'm a picture type of guy! :p
  19. Dan Uke

    Almost NUD! Ko'olau Pictures and Video from HMS!

    Noa Bonk just finished my Ko'oalu and Andrew from HMS just posted pics and a video on Facebook! All my ukes from Hawaii are made with an indigenous wood ie koa or milo so that it reminds me of the instrument's origin. The hard part is waiting for the uke but I already feel a connection...
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