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  1. ukulefty

    Song Help Request James Hill's "Man With A Love Song"

    Lyrics are all on his website: Can't help you with the chords though sorry...
  2. ukulefty

    Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2012

    Despite the weather, it was a great festival. I had a blast. Saw some brilliant acts! The Friday night pub jams were good fun and the stalls in the town hall were filled with so many tempting ukes. Some photos from the Saturday...
  3. ukulefty

    Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2012

    So.... This is coming up pretty soon now! :D
  4. ukulefty

    Ukes for Unicef

    Putting it down on my calendar right now! :D
  5. ukulefty

    Some of the UKES FOR UNICEF performances

    A quick montage of some of the performances from Ukes for UNICEF last weekend. There were loads more great performers and random jams that I didn't manage to catch on video, but here's what I did get: :cool:
  6. ukulefty

    Ukes for Unicef

    Such a fantastic day followed by a great uke-thrash at the Three Horseshoes afterwards! I did notice how all the top ukulele raffle prizes seemed to be won by BURP members though... (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) :p Good to meet you all too! Some photos...
  7. ukulefty

    Ukes for Unicef

    ^ Is there going to be a proceeds-to-charity cake stall of sorts? I could possibly bake something tasty.
  8. ukulefty

    Ukes for Unicef

    Serious? :D Ukuleles and cookies! Two of my most favorite things, haha!
  9. ukulefty

    New Ukulele Group in Oxford, UK

    Might be a little way from me, but you never know I may be able to get out there one night. Is this group any connection to another Oxford ukulele group that I hear through the grapevine meets in the Fir Tree pub, Iffley Road every now and then?
  10. ukulefty

    Winter walks & the friendly ukulele!

    It's amazing how friendly everyone is when you're strumming away! As you do in country England when it snows, I went for a walk through the village today to see what was happening. Just on a whim, I decided to take my ukulele with me. Amongst the many interesting people I met on my walk, I...
  11. ukulefty

    Annual World Ukulele Day - 2nd Feb 2012

    ...and nobody has posted about this yet? Proclaimed by Ukulele Mike: His youtube videos and advice have certainly helped me A LOT in my first year of ukulele. Now, time for a strum or three! :D
  12. ukulefty

    Anyone up for a South UK Uke meet up?

    I'd prefer Saturday and/or Sunday. One afternoon, evening or the both days - whatever works out the best for everyone. Friday after work is a bit too "blehhh" for me...
  13. ukulefty

    Anyone up for a South UK Uke meet up?

    Sent you a PM with some details. :)
  14. ukulefty

    Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2012

    I am hoping to be there! Currently looking into booking some accomodation for the weekend. And instead of spending £60 million on a new Queen's yatch, how about a class set of ukes for every primary school? :)
  15. ukulefty

    New Group in Marlow, UK

    Website looks good so far! I've been meaning to get along to a RUG night but so far it's evaded me. Marlow is fairly close to me and there's certainly plenty of great pub locations scattered in or just outside the town. EDIT: I'll be there!! :)
  16. ukulefty

    Ukes for Unicef

    Oh man this is getting close now! :D I've just donloaded the flier and will pin some about the place! Flier link:
  17. ukulefty

    The Re-entrants on tour

    Argh man, just had a look through the dates and don't think any of them are near me or at times I can get away. Real shame. Except of course for the Uke fest of GB. Will have to make a big effort and get out to Cheltenham for that!! JANUARY Fri 20th Jan The Queen's Head, Belper (Teenage...
  18. ukulefty

    Kickapoo (Tenacious D / Jack Black) on Eleuke

    I should have been practicing for's Acoustic Video Challenge but instead I broke out the Eleuke, plugged in my new amp and learnt this. Kickapoo by Tenacious D (from the movie The Pick of Destiny) (warning: bad language and even worse singing) Jack Black, Meatloaf and Dio do it...
  19. ukulefty

    Some instantly recognisable riffs?

    So I'm after a bunch of instantly recognisable guitar riffs or solos that can be easily translated to play on the uke, so when people go "oh play something I know" I can just belt out a few of those. Always good to have a few of those up your sleeve. Popular riffs such as the opening lick from...
  20. ukulefty

    The big UU Christmas new uke thread!

    So, who's getting a cool new uke for Christmas? It's only a handful of days left until the big day of turkey and unwrapping. I'm sure many of you are going to recieve new ukuleles or uke relates pressies, so make us all jealous by posting your pictures and stories here! I've got this...
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