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    Plz LIKE and SHARE to the ukulele WORLD Please can everyone like my mya moe contest entry as this will help me in the competition thanks guys!!!!!!!
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    Ukulele Vid please LIKE!!!!

    hi everyone please like my latest video on youtube. this would mean a lot to me Thanks henry here is the link oZTOdO1w
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    Stages of making my ukulele

    Hi everyone here are the photos of the finished uke
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    Stages of making my ukulele

    And a new clamping jig... This is to clamp the back and sides . Thanks to ken timms (timbuck) for the idea And also the back and soundboard
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    Stages of making my ukulele

    Here I am cutting out the sound hole. Used a really bad method as didn't have a big enough hole saw Here I am shaping my soundboard using a orbital sander
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    Stages of making my ukulele

    Here I am shaping the soundboard using a jig saw
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    Stages of making my ukulele

    Hi I am called henry and I am 13. On this thread I shall post the stages of my tenor ukulele making I will be updating it every weekend. This ukulele will be all mahogany. Please comment on each stage... So that I know that I am doing it right. Thanks a lot Henry
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    Inlaying and inlay tools

    Hi guys For my second ukulele I was thinking of doing inlays in my fretboard Do any of you know where I could get some simple fret dots for a tenor from? Also what types of tools do you need? And where can you find these tools which are good but not very expensive? I have been looking for a...
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    First ukulele build

    Hi folks Just thought I would share with you my first ukulele! I am 13 and have had great fun building the uke. Can't wait for the next one. Anyway I have included some pics... Hope you like it Henry:cool:
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