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  1. hoosierhiver

    Amazon not shipping ukes, but we are

    Amazon has stopped shipping "non-essential" items. Good time to support small business. Mainland Ukes is closed to walk in traffic, but we will still be filling orders. Mim and Uke Republic are other good options.
  2. hoosierhiver

    Song Help Request I Need help!

    Everybody is crazy about that Gary Newman song in "Frozen" right now. "You got a friend in me"
  3. hoosierhiver

    KY Uke Fest this weekend

    There are a couple of pay lots next to the building, so parking is convenient, but not free.
  4. hoosierhiver

    KY Uke Fest this weekend

    KY Uke Fest is happening in Lexington Kentucky again this weekend. Great time, great line-up this year. The venue is right downtown in a historic YMCA building. There is a fantastic Latino festival occurring right down the street as well.
  5. hoosierhiver

    City of Lights Ukulele Festival near Chicago Sun Aug 25th

    Excellent festival, props to all the volunteers. Lots of young people, fantastic venue, lots of great ukulele music.
  6. hoosierhiver

    City of Lights Ukulele Festival near Chicago Sun Aug 25th

    See you there.
  7. hoosierhiver

    Sale on banjolele hard cases and gig bags

    Sale on banjolele hard cases and gig bags, soprano size only. Approximately 9.5 inches wide, the gig bag is 22 inches long, the case 25". Gig bags $5, hard case $40 + shipping. Email me mike at
  8. hoosierhiver

    Aldrine Guerrero plays in Indiana - Jan 2020

    Ticket are still available.
  9. hoosierhiver

    Kamaka 8 string HF-800

    Anyone ever heard of this model? I got an email from a guy who found a Kamaka 8 string when he bought the contents of a storage locker. It is in mint condition and was accompanied by the purchase receipt from 1988 listing it as a HF-800. (sorry for the typo in the thread title)
  10. hoosierhiver


    I'd guess this was written by someone relatively new to ukulele that thinks alternative tunings are more common.
  11. hoosierhiver

    Ever heard Groenland?

  12. hoosierhiver

    Your chance to see Aldrine in the Midwest

    Tickets are on sale now. This will sell out.
  13. hoosierhiver

    Win a Mainland

    On March 1st I will be giving away a Mainland mahogany soprano to a lucky winner. To be eligible you must join the KIVA team here, and make a loan of $25 or more. I will pick a number at random and match it to a team...
  14. hoosierhiver

    Brown County Ukulele Festival - Jan 2019

    Less than 50 tickets left for the Brown County Ukulele Festival. Don't wait too long, it sold out last year! See you soon.
  15. hoosierhiver


    I just noticed all of Gus and Finn's videos have been removed from Youtube (channel Gugug). This makes me sad, they were such an inspiration a decade ago.
  16. hoosierhiver

    Lil' Rev on TV

    A nice segment.
  17. hoosierhiver

    The Burney Sisters

    Had the pleasure of seeing these two perform at the Kentucky Uke Fest. They are just 10 and 13 years old. Remember you heard about them here first!
  18. hoosierhiver

    Good news about CITES coming?

    Yesterday we drove up to Chicago for a CITES inspection. The USDA- APHIS agent inspecting our shipment was saying he thinks that musical instruments may get "a waiver" in the future. The annual meeting in Geneva is in a few months and he said he expects that it will be discussed. He said he...
  19. hoosierhiver

    Brown County Ukulele Festival - Jan 2019

    Break out of the winter doldrums with Brown County Ukulele Festival. Only $50 for the weekend. This year includes concerts and workshops from Stu Fuchs, Mike Hind, Narciso Lobo, Pete McCarty, Devin Scott and Ukester Brown. Don't wait too long, last year sold out!
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