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  1. SamUke

    New Martin soprano models

    I have a 2012 soprano 2M uke and the thing is really amazing. It has aged, both in sound and looks. They got terrible press back then because of the bridge but it never bugged me because it sounded so great. I maybe tempted by this one if it’s of similar build.
  2. SamUke

    Sold FINAL PRICE DROP: Luna (Kiwaya) MV-3S - all solid mahogany soprano - MINT

    Same as the Kiwaya but half the price. Deal of the month!
  3. SamUke

    Old to new Kamaka transition

    Thank you for posting this! It would be interesting to see the difference in their early vs newer custom builds. I love those 70's Ohta-Sans with the spruce tops!
  4. SamUke

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    It’s a lesson for the future and thanks for the feedback. How do you close a thread? I want to put this out of its misery.
  5. SamUke

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    The funny thing is my caution is literally in the UU how to sell/buy section…..
  6. SamUke

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    It’s crazy this thing has blown up into what it is and whodad turned it into a thing. When this person messaged me they had 1 total interaction with UU, and I told him in the private message I wasn’t comfortable selling to someone that wasn’t active…mainly so I wasn’t getting scammed. Being...
  7. SamUke

    Classical Guitar

    Anyone else pick up classical guitar after playing use for awhile?
  8. SamUke

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    Howdy there Whodad. I'm sure you're a great person and no doubt it's frustrating not to be able to get the uke you want. I wish I was more comfortable selling to folks on here that don't have a track record but people have been burned. If I wanted to sell to anybody I would've thrown it up on...
  9. SamUke

    No longer available Takumi TS-3M

    This is a very nice Takumi 3M soprano in mahogany. These were made for Kiwaya in small batches and are incredible instruments, amazing tone and build quality. It is in gently used shape with no cracks. Strung up with Martin strings. I purchased this used from TUS in 2021 and have included the...
  10. SamUke

    Show us your ukes!

    Enjoying my new Kamaka plain koa Ohta-San. I really hope they make these apart of their regular line up because they sound amazing.
  11. SamUke

    Wunderkammer May Soprano Ukulele

    Beautiful! I've been on the list for a year so I gotta be getting close.
  12. SamUke


    I really like Fremont clear on my sopranos so I guess I'll try that.
  13. SamUke


    Hi UU. I hardly ever post but lurk weekly on the boards. My Lymana needed a restring so I tried these ti colored Martins, so far I hate them. I know you all enjoy ukes from classic builders so I thought I'd post a couple pics. A twenty year old Lymana with redwood top and mahogany back-sides...
  14. SamUke

    Style 3 love

    I haven't posted in a bit and thought I do a family pic of some fine style 3's..the greatest of all uke personalities.
  15. SamUke

    FS: Ukiyo Soprano Vita Uke

    Ha! I’ve had 2 others!
  16. SamUke

    FS: Ukiyo Soprano Vita Uke

    I’m going to hang on to it. Thanks
  17. SamUke

    FS: Ukiyo Soprano Vita Uke

    Ukiyo soprano vita uke in the classic vita tone woods, solid spruce top and solid mahogany back/sides. It is in great shape but has been played and shows strum wear and other little marks on the top. No cracks. Smoke free home. Newish Fremont hard shell case. These have a strap button but...
  18. SamUke

    Lifting Bridge

    Hi UU. I have an older Lymana tenor and the bridge is starting to lift away on one corner. Is this something I should get removed and re-glued? Can I leave it and play, or is it something that should definitely get fixed? Regards.
  19. SamUke

    WTB: Ukiyo Vita Uke or equivalent

    Anybody have one of these they'd be willing to part with?
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