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  1. dirtiestkidever

    Advice on Kinnard Baritone Options

    Thanks DownUpDave. Yeah, I am probably overthinking this. But always nice to get confirmation and make sure I consider all the options before a major purchase. I actually like the warm muddy sound of a 19" baritone. It can be a nice break from the jangly soprano sound (which I also love).
  2. dirtiestkidever

    Advice on Kinnard Baritone Options

    Thanks Patty. I am not knocking concerts. They can be a great size! I just don't think I need both a soprano and a concert since they serve similar roles (at least in my hands). E.g. same reentrant GCEA tuning.
  3. dirtiestkidever

    Advice on Kinnard Baritone Options

    Thanks Joyful! I think there is always room for one more ukelele ;). But at least for me, sopranos and concerts/super sopanos seems a bit redundant. And I just love the soprano size. That teeny tiny fretboard and gentle jangly sound just have a hold on my heart somehow. If I had to keep one...
  4. dirtiestkidever

    Advice on Kinnard Baritone Options

    Thanks Patty! Kinnards are special aren't they? And thanks Jim! I agree about the 19". Its just so fun to play. I haven't played a bari in 6-7 years though so just making sure my love for the 19" isn't a misrepresented memory. Also good to see you here mate. First time back in many years I am...
  5. dirtiestkidever

    Advice on Kinnard Baritone Options

    Thanks Rainbow! Yeah, that headstock is cool for sure. But for some reason I dig the more traditional aesthetic in general. I should probably be more open to innovation but I guess I am finally over the hill.
  6. dirtiestkidever

    Advice on Kinnard Baritone Options

    I am celebrating a major career/life achievement and decided to get a Kinnard Baritone. I have bought and sold a lot of ukuleles and have decided that Kinnard's are the best in terms of both playability and sound (at least to my ears and hands). I currently have two ukes: a Kinnard Walnut/Cedar...
  7. dirtiestkidever

    Mellow finger style tabs

    I am getting a guitar for the first time in 10 years. I normally play finger picking ukulele songs (herb otha jr, corey, daniel ho) and i want to extend that to learn mellow fingerstyle guitar songs. The song played at minute 17 is a good example of what i am looking for (though maybe slightly...
  8. dirtiestkidever

    reputable guitar dealer with setup

    After 10 years of playing exclusively ukuleles, I have decided to get a guitar again. I plan to get a Taylor mini GS Koa Plus. Due to the pandemic, i want to purchase online. Can anyone recommend a reputable dealer that will do a good setup prior to shipping? Thanks, Doug
  9. dirtiestkidever

    Selling Ono Concert for Charity

    Some better pics
  10. dirtiestkidever

    Selling Ono Concert for Charity

    SOLD. Selling Ono Concert for Charity I am selling this 16
  11. dirtiestkidever

    Favorite reentrant tab

    I have been playing exclusively low g for awhile but am getting a new re entrant soprano today. I would like to learn a new song on it. What is your favorite tab for reentrant tuning? I really like finger picking instrumentals and hawaiian songs. Right now i am playing a lot of daniel ho and...
  12. dirtiestkidever

    WTB soprano

    I miss having a soprano. Anyone got something interesting for sale? I would be interested in the following (and other) brands: myamoe, kiwaya, kinnard, koaloha, various custom builders.
  13. dirtiestkidever

    Wanted: Cheap Baritone

    Looking for a cheap baritone. Partially for a 🎃 costume. Partially because i want a bari. One with strap buttons installed is a plus. Looking for something in the $100 range. Silvertone, Kala, etc. i am in the north carolina in case some one has one local. Thanks all!
  14. dirtiestkidever

    Collings Tenor UT1

    Mahogany Tenor UT1 Collings ukulele. Plays great. Sounds incredible. It has been well played. It has one fairly noticeable ding on the top. It has an end pin and a small hole where another one was on the back of the heel. There are no cracks or other major issues. Apparently this used to...
  15. dirtiestkidever

    WTB: OXK / KS-1 / or vintage sporano

    WTB: OXK / KS-1 / bruko or vintage soprano I have two ukes and keep them upstairs in their cases. But I am looking for a 3rd to fill two roles: 1) The primary role will be to look at. We will display it up on a built in book shelf in our living room. Rather than filling it with useless...
  16. dirtiestkidever

    FS: John Daniel Pixie Sopranino

    A couple more photos.
  17. dirtiestkidever

    FS: John Daniel Pixie Sopranino

    More pics Next to Collings tenor With gig bag
  18. dirtiestkidever

    FS: John Daniel Pixie Sopranino

    Price Drop: John Daniel Pixie Sopranino Tiny, little, all solid wood, hand made pixie sopranino made by John Daniel in Wales. Really well made little ukulele. Fun to play. Surprising sound for such a little ukulele. I am not sure about the woods used. It is a blast to play but just too...
  19. dirtiestkidever

    Two ukeleles for sale: Favilla, Barron River

    I am moving across the country and don’t want to trust my ukuleles to a moving truck. So I am selling all but two ukuleles. These are both incredible ukuleles. Favilla Baritone Ukulele. It great shape. Plays and sounds exactly like a Favilla should. Deep luscious tone. Has a strap button...
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