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  1. myrnaukelele

    The Island of Misfit Seasonistas

    Meant to post this last week but life got away from me. This is a song written by Shady Wilbury ( who joined in the Seasonista fun back in the day). Last Penny Down the Well.
  2. myrnaukelele

    Season 520: 10th Anniversary Dance Party Extravaganza!

    Amazing to think this has been going for 10 years! I rarely post to the Seasons anymore (I seldom dust off my ukuleles these days to be honest) but I didn't want to miss the Dance Party Extravaganza! Here's an old Irving Berlin song from 1935- Cheek to Cheek. Hope you're having a grand birthday...
  3. myrnaukelele

    The Island of Misfit Seasonistas

    More from the Wayback Machine! I found this dance vid as I was looking through the archives.
  4. myrnaukelele

    The Island of Misfit Seasonistas

    It's a Dance Extravaganza this week! Here's one from the Wayback machine. Season 95- Abba. Dancing Queen.
  5. myrnaukelele

    519: Flashback Time Machine

    In under the wire. I popped on here and thought this sounded like fun so I spun and got #207-spy week. I remember recording for this Season clearly because I spent hours practicing. It was Spy Week and I recorded Goldfinger.
  6. myrnaukelele

    The Island of Misfit Seasonistas

    Thought I'd share this oldie before Season 508 ends. Apologies for my awful French pronunciation.
  7. myrnaukelele

    The Island of Misfit Seasonistas

    Here's an oldie that fits Pabrizzer's Spellitout Season. U-K-U-L-E-L-E which I wrote to the tune of D-I-V-O-R-C-E.
  8. myrnaukelele

    500! The Songs of Ukulele Underground

    I was scrolling through UU one January evening and saw chrimess was starting a new contest. Six weeks. Seasons of the Ukulele. Why not? So yes, I started on Week One. When it was over we were having so much fun posting every week that we just continued. And here we all are 500 weeks later. I...
  9. myrnaukelele

    Prelude to a Kiss

    Written by Duke Ellington in 1938. Lyrics by Irving Gordon and Irving Mills.
  10. myrnaukelele

    An Aloha Christmas- original song

    This was written a couple years ago for pabrizzer's Christmas songwriting contest. I added a bridge yesterday. Mele Kalikimaka to all!
  11. myrnaukelele

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    He hasn't posted lately on his FB either. His wife posted a picture of him in July mentioning he needed a kidney. I've messaged her and will let you know how he's doing.
  12. myrnaukelele

    SOTU 290 - Farm Aid/September

    Sorry Linda. I left it till too late. I was harvesting all week and camping all weekend and now time has just run out. I did take this picture at the fair thinking I would use it in my Farm Aid vid. So there's that.
  13. myrnaukelele

    Jardin d'hiver

    I dusted off some video footage I shot 3 years ago and set it to a favorite French song. I hope you like it!
  14. myrnaukelele

    Crying ~ Roy Orbison

    Released in July of 1961.
  15. myrnaukelele

    The Glory of True Love

    My favorite John Prine song.
  16. myrnaukelele

    Season 216~ Getting From Here to There

    auntieUku - You're going to (virtually) waltz across Texas!! Here's the schedule of all the April and May dates of contra dances in Texas. Phluffy - You have won a (virtual) set of pan pipes. Sounding good! Ralf - You and Jessica are going to...
  17. myrnaukelele

    Season 216~ Getting From Here to There

    Jinxi - You looked so cute in your pajamas. Thought you might like another pair to wear for lounging around and playing uke. You win a virtual a pair of pajamas from Victoria's Secret. Cassie - You'll be going to Hawaii!! You win a virtual trip to the island of your choice. Here's a virtual...
  18. myrnaukelele

    Season 216~ Getting From Here to There

    UkingViking - Guess you're on your way. Here's some good traveling shoes for you. Shady Wilbury - I know how much you love Townes Van Zandt. Your virtual prize this week is a TVZ Tshirt in exactly your size.
  19. myrnaukelele

    Season 216~ Getting From Here to There

    CeeJay - If you're leaning on a lamppost you'll need a nice leather jacket to keep you warm. ukecannotbeserious - Out Walking After Midnight? You need a flashlight! (Or as the Brits say a torch). Here you are! Strum Theory - Still in London? Well here's an Oyster card for you so you can...
  20. myrnaukelele

    Season 216~ Getting From Here to There

    This is more difficult that I thought. I'm starting to forget who's gotten prizes and who hasn't. sillydave - have I given you a prize yet? You've heard of the bridge to nowhere? I'm giving you a signpost to nowhere so you don't get lost on that road to nowhere.
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