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  1. Playscool39

    UUSA Streaming live now!!

    Cool, going to take a look!
  2. Playscool39

    Song Help Request Toto - Africa

    Sounds better then the version they have on Youtube :)Gonna give it a try.
  3. Playscool39

    Hark the Herald Angels Sing

    Thanks,gets me in the mood already!
  4. Playscool39

    When You Wish Upon a Star - Disney

    Seeso is faster than lightning:D
  5. Playscool39

    When You Wish Upon a Star - Disney

    :DThink that question is already answered...
  6. Playscool39

    Mike Okouchi...dusting off the cobwebs: So Fresh Del Amo Mall October 9th 5PM

    :agree: Great playing Mike! Can't wait to see a vid of the show:rock:
  7. Playscool39

    Phineas and Ferb - Evil Love song

    Never heard about the show,but love the song!
  8. Playscool39

    Splosion Man - Donuts Song

    That song is a real killer:cool:Thanks for pointing out:shaka:
  9. Playscool39

    Huntington Beach Show Vids

    :shaka:Thnx for sharing
  10. Playscool39

    BBQ for Aldrine in SF Golden Gate Park (Sunday Aug 9th)

    Wow it's awesome to see all those nice folks and ukulele heroes in one place. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing all the vids and pics!
  11. Playscool39

    More vintage song books and sheets

    Wow!Thank you very, very much.
  12. Playscool39

    She's Out of My Life - Michael Jackson

    Great tribute to a great musician
  13. Playscool39

    Singalong Song Book

    Amazing book,nice songs.Thanx a lot!
  14. Playscool39

    Comprehensive Aldrine Guerrero Ukulele Lesson List

    Sweet, nice list.Thanx for your effort!
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