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  1. Fred Miu

    Back after roughly 10 years

    I'm basically a new member now since I haven't logged in in so many years, viewed my posts and my last post was 3/31/2010. Crazy long ago. Glad to see this forum is still up and running. Looking forward to getting back into the ukulele community.
  2. Fred Miu

    Dueling Banjos

    ill make good use when i go back to school in Tennessee with this. jaja awesome post
  3. Fred Miu

    My Heart Will Go On tab

    aye, you go to FHU, im here right now this semester. we must find each other.
  4. Fred Miu

    Song Help Request Kiss from a rose?

    Dom, you are the Dominator. you can basically tab almost any song, and we would most greatfully appreciate your work. (not like we dont anyway!) lol
  5. Fred Miu

    Happy Birthday!

    Dominicfoundthemooon!!! YAY! another great day for you! First youre married, then your birthday, SOON moving to the bay area!!! youre going to have such a great 2010! have a great day brah :shaka: -Fred Miu
  6. Fred Miu

    Photography anyone?

    Im taking digital photography in my school this semester, and im sad that its almost over. i took quite the few pictures and printed half the ones i wanted to. So i will just show you some of my pictures i like: will post some more too. and please, if you are into photography, even just...
  7. Fred Miu

    Song Help Request 'no one' by 'maoli' chords?

    From what TSH has, this is what i found: No One - Maoli
  8. Fred Miu

    SELL: Leolani Tenor

    I am selling my Leolani tenor ukulele. with it comes D'addario strings (clearn nylon), a signature by Jake S., and a case (case is a worn down but still protects the uke). Sadly I dont have much to say except I have kept it in great condition and there are no scratches or dents on it...
  9. Fred Miu

    Song Help Request 'Blue Roses Falling' tabs anyone ??

    as Citrus mentioned, Dominator is the only persont hat is generious enough to send them to you, but also you have to talk to him ( email ) and he will get to you on it.
  10. Fred Miu

    Gracie Open 2009

    Aight friends and family, its time. Come watch me and my team at the Gracie Open 2009. Who: FRED MIU, and also my team. What: Punishment time!!! Where: at the Kezar Pavilion, 755 Stanyan St. San Francisco, CA 94117 When: 10:00 am. Why: because you have missed my other tournaments and you...
  11. Fred Miu

    Song Help Request Hey Soul Sister

    next time, please use the 'search' engine button. we have a previous thread right here. enjoy brah. closing this thread so that we have one of these threads.
  12. Fred Miu

    Song Help Request Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

    ive tried myself. so far i havent had any luck either. but keep on tryin' :shaka:
  13. Fred Miu

    Song Help Request Any songs you'd like to learn?

  14. Fred Miu

    Malaria No More!!!

    Hey you UUers, this is a Stanford University event where a student gets to go to Kenya to help out Kenyans out with malaria. my friend Jessica Uno is a great friend of mine, that also plays the uke, and she so deserves this oppertunity to go! i told her to bring her uke and post pics up, IF SHE...
  15. Fred Miu

    Song Help Request Hey soul sister

    i heard this song this weekend: here is what i googled:
  16. Fred Miu

    BBQ for Aldrine in SF Golden Gate Park (Sunday Aug 9th)

    Abbi B, i believe Rob said hayward lol.
  17. Fred Miu

    A Song about Acne....

    Very interesting song.....though a little weired out by the lyrics. creative though haha. Song about Acne
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