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  1. mustacheukuleles

    sprucehouse s-o soprano ukulele

    Just feeling the interest on this one. this is an amazing soprano. has beautiful tone and has had a humidifier inside of it when it is not being played. comes with upgraded peghead tuners which tune so smoothly and honestly are the best tuners i have ever used. looking for 250 but open to offers...
  2. mustacheukuleles

    koloa ku-620 concert ukulele

    Had this one about all summer as well. has some of the prettiest wood grain i have ever seen in a solid mahogany. has mahogany back neck sides and top. friction tuners. looking for 225 but again i am open to offers/ trades. have a big box for it to be sent out promptly upon paypal payment...
  3. mustacheukuleles

    Fender Pa'ina electric Ukulele

    had it all summer and just haven't played it much. This was at the beginning of my ukulele UAS now i am just trying to pair down my collection a bit. asking 250 shipped to the lower 48. I have a big box for it to be shipped out promptly will take paypal. thank you for your time and i am open to...
  4. mustacheukuleles

    question about posting pictures

    so i have 3 ukuleles i am wanting to try and put up in the marketplace and the pictures are all uploaded to my computer.... but how do i put them in my thread.... i have never done it before thanks much, Robert
  5. mustacheukuleles

    Song Help Request Looking for Dog/Cat songs

    name your cat dog and your dog... name it cat
  6. mustacheukuleles

    Song Help Request need help figuring out this classic video game song!(don't have to be a nerd to help) so my cousin showed this song to me the other day and i have since been playing the game on my ds ( nerdy i know) BUT it is so infectious and i seriously whistle it all day long. i would like to try and cover it on my ukulele but dont even know where to start. I've...
  7. mustacheukuleles

    Song Help Request Smells Like Teen Spirit - UO of GB style

    i really would love to see the UO i wonder if they ever play in Arizona
  8. mustacheukuleles

    anyone know anything about leolani's at all?

    i've been looking at this one for awhile i dont believe they have any in stock at the moment but its beautiful and i was just curious if anyone knows anything about it
  9. mustacheukuleles

    Fender Pa'ina tenor ukulele with pick up

    i've had this uke for a couple months and it has seen VERY little play time. Has probably been played less than two hours total. The reason i am trying to sell this beautiful Uke is because i prefer the Concert and soprano size and want to stick with what i am comfortable playing. Until i can...
  10. mustacheukuleles

    past the 5th fret???!!!

    hello uu'ers! just been trying to move forward in my journey with the beautiful instrument we are all here for and i find myself being uncomfortable moving past the fifth fret. i have friends that play WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down the fret board and it always sounds so good but i never know what...
  11. mustacheukuleles

    interested in finding a long neck uke: super soprano or super concert.

    i have been doing research about these for awhile now and i like them more and more everyday. i've looked at the Kala-Slng, the Ohana SK-35L, and the CK-35L. just wondering if anyone could 1. shed some light onto what a super soprano is like to play and how it sounds as opposed to just a normal...
  12. mustacheukuleles

    Greetings from Arizona!!

    hey my name is Robert been playing Ukulele for about 2 years now and have just gotten more comfortable with the instrument not really much better. Hoping to break out of that mold this summer! I love to ride bikes and I am such a video game nerd!
  13. mustacheukuleles

    Fender Pa'ina

    has anyone else had the problem of super high action on their Fender Pa'ina or any other ukulele model Fender has made? I was at guitar center the other day and all the Fender uke's they had had the same story goin on. Just curious have a nice day ya'll
  14. mustacheukuleles

    ukulele blemish buyers

    just wondering if anyone has had experience with buying blem ukulele's? i've been looking for one for a while now and don't really know the best place to look. Curious if anyone has a site that has them or could send me in the right direction! peace and love
  15. mustacheukuleles

    risa electric ukulele

    just wondering if anyone would be interested in one. i have it posted as a craigslist add and am currently taking offers and any constructive criticism. i can provide the actual picture of it but it looks exactly like the one i've provided
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