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  1. faithtruthlove07

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    well folks, it's about time for me to stop fooling myself, unfortunately. I will be toooo close to my future son/daughter's due date, and it will not be possible for me to go to the 2010 UWC :'( i suggest that we move the UWC to Kansas while there's still time to plan :P :D
  2. faithtruthlove07

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    well i'm going to need something crazy to wear too...all y'all have hats and kilts and tourist attire...if i'm able to go, i'll be 8 months pregnant..i'm sure I can find something crazy to go along :p
  3. faithtruthlove07

    Very Uplifting Vid, Autist Basketball Player WOW. I cried when I watched this a good way!
  4. faithtruthlove07

    Put Your City on the UU Map!

    Whoo-hoo! I'm the 3rd member to place my location in Kansas, USA :)
  5. faithtruthlove07

    Song Help Request Black Eyed Peas - I've Gotta Feeling

    i use this website too :D i wish there was one for ukuleles this extensive! like... an! :P
  6. faithtruthlove07

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    i feel sorry for your significant other ... !!
  7. faithtruthlove07

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    I'm sooooo going this year! I already have some money saved up :cool:
  8. faithtruthlove07

    Anotha Cova

    Or cover. Whatevs ;) Come on, guys, just Take Me the Way I Am!
  9. faithtruthlove07

    Hawaiian Phrase Ideas, Anyone?

    Hey guys, I am looking at getting a tattoo that I designed in the shape of an 'ukulele. A treble clef makes up the neck of the uke and goes into the body of it as well. I'll try to get a picture of it uploaded here sometime soon. Anyways, I'd like to get some kind of hawaiian phrase about music...
  10. faithtruthlove07

    If You Want to Start an Ukulele Club...

    Yea i know what you mean, I don't know anyone in or around my small town that might be interested, besides those that have asked me to teach them! haha. as if I know how to teach?!?!
  11. faithtruthlove07

    Landon Pigg - Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop

    Terriffic Song Well I will definitely be following this thread if anyone can help you out. I absolutely love this song. Only..I won't be playing it for any girlfriends... Or boyfriends for that matter!! Haha. I just think it's a BEAUTIFUL song!
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