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    FS: Tyler Mountain Banjolele

    I am selling my Tyler Mountain Banjolele (model TMBU-200), to help offset the cost of a new guitar. I received the Tyler Mountain in trade for a Mainland Banjo uke last spring. This is a soprano scale. It is quite heavy and feels much more substanstial than the mainland. I have been very...
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    FS: KoAloha Super (longneck) Soprano

    I am selling my KoAloha SuperSoprano to help offset the cost of a new guitar. The SuperSoprano has a concert scale neck with a soprano size body. I bought the KoAloha new in Dec 2011, with a build date of Sep 2011. It is a fantastic instrument and is much louder than my Tenor Mainland. I...
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    smitten with another instrument - mandolin

    I have been adding different instruments to our family collection and last week picked up a mandolin. I was originally getting this for my wife to play, but I have been thoroughly enjoying it. The fifths tuning of the mandolin is SO intuitive. Melody lines are so much easier to play (although...
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    UU+ Master class with Craig Chee - Awesome!

    For the folks not familiar with UU+, you should really take a look. UU+ subscribers get access to "Master Classes" with some really talented guest instructors. I just watched Craig Chee's 8 part Master class and I wanted to let everyone on the forum know it is OUTSTANDING! Craig goes over...
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    Song Help Request Appalachian Tabs and Chords

    Just watch yourself Lalou, I ended up with a 5 string banjo after getting a banjolele. It has been fun learning the banjo as well.
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    Song Help Request Appalachian Tabs and Chords

    Sometimes i feel the low G can make a uke seem a little "boomy". With that being said, I just restrung my tenor to low G last week, because I kept finding melodies that went below middle C. It also gives you the ability to do little bass runs.
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    Jack a Roe

    I love this old folk song. I believe it has English origins and has been passed down through Appalachian circles as well. The Greatful Dead made the most recognized cover, but I believe Dylan and Joan Baez both did covers as well. I did a really quick recording and had my mike a little too...
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    Song Help Request Appalachian Tabs and Chords

    The Alan Lomax footage of Sam Chatmon are some of my favorite of any videos on YouTube!
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    Song Help Request Appalachian Tabs and Chords

    Wow Lalou, I just saw your summary updates! Thanks so much for putting that together. This has turned out to be my favorite thread on UU. There is more than enough info to keep folks entertained for a long time, but let's keep adding to it.
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    UWC 2012 Head Count

    I plan on being there. 19.
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    Song Help Request Appalachian Tabs and Chords

    This isn't a tab book (melodies are in music notation), but I found a wonderful Bluegrass/Oldtime book recently that I have been enjoying. The book is called "Bluegrass Picker's Tune Book". You can find it here...
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    Pallet on the Floor

    "Pallet on the floor" is an old time / country blues song that has been around since the early 1900s. It was originally referenced in the Journal of American Folklore XXIV 278 in 1911. It has been covered by many, many folks over the years including Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson, Mike...
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    Song Help Request Appalachian Tabs and Chords

    Lalou, I did my first old time jam last week as well. It was an amazing learning experience! I just spent the last 1.5 hours playing along with the "old time machine".
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    Song Help Request Appalachian Tabs and Chords

    Bill, I was really excited to find it! After going to my first old time jam last week, I have been on a search for good places to learn the tunes.
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    Song Help Request Appalachian Tabs and Chords

    I just ran across this and I had to share. It is "the old time machine" and it is awesome! It has several songs with chord charts and you can play different instrument parts in the song, there is even a slow guitar version to ensure you can play along. It is a great way to be able to play with...
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    I attended my first "old time music" jam

    I had the pleasure of attending my first old time music jam last night. It was a far different experience than the uke jams I have attended. There are no chord sheets, the key of the song set is called out before hand and you play in that key and try and keep up. You are sort of thrown into...
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    Francisco Tarrega's Study in E minor on my Eleuke

    I decided to try another classical piece. This is Francisco Tarrega's Study in E minor. I find this song particularly beautiful. There are a few mistakes, but I have been really enjoying learning a few classical pieces on the ukulele. You can find the tab for...
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    We are gonna be friends

    This is a cover of the White Stripe's "We are gonna be friends". My kids love this song. There is something about the simplicity of it that I really enjoy.
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    Fur Elise on my EleUke

    I had a go at Beethoven's Fur Elise. I had to slow the fast parts down a LOT, but I have enjoyed learning it. The best part for me in the case of this song, was sitting down with sheet music and figuring out how to play it, instead of just using a tab.
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