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  1. Brenda Wong


    I live in Canada. I have 2 solid wood classical guitars, neatly stored in a hard case (more like cardboard case) One is built in the 1970's by a Japanese company name Suzuki , the other one is a Martin and don't even have a hard case. I don't think Humidifier was even available in those...
  2. Brenda Wong

    Ashokan Farewell - Guitalele & Tenor Ukulele

    I love your version the best! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Brenda Wong

    Song Help Request Island Style Instrumental solo HELP

    I really like this arrangement that Corey played (see link below). He probably plays it from his head. I can't find any arrangement on the internet. Below is the simple solo tab I...
  4. Brenda Wong

    Pono Classic or Romero Creation super tenor?

    I hope you can help me with a decision. I fall in love with the sound of this GRAND TENOR by Romero Creation. Its $899U.S. I like the rich guitar sound. I did not have the privilege to try it out when I was at HMS so I have no idea how 'heavy' (in weight) this is comparing to the PONO that I...
  5. Brenda Wong

    Canadian On-line store with good prices on PONO

    I came across a Canadian site and their prices look cheap. I believe the price is in Canadian dollars as it is base in Montreal which means a good 20% discount for the American buyers . Has anyone shop there?
  6. Brenda Wong

    Always With Me Solo Tabs

    I tried on my low G it sounds pretty good too. May be you can tell me if this is really for high G or both will work?
  7. Brenda Wong

    Always With Me Solo Tabs

    Always with me was my first Ukulele song . I used Corey's arrangement which was not too difficult but a bit hard for me to follow the beat . I came across this one with easier arrangement and sounds pretty accurate to the original. Just thought I share it with you because its in a Chinese...
  8. Brenda Wong

    Uku Shape Advice

    Our music stores have very limited uku selection so I don't have the privilege of ' in person' experience. Since I play only fingering style and tend to hold my uku up like a classical guitar. My tenor and concert are both sliding all over if I don't have a strap. I really don't like strap...
  9. Brenda Wong

    my songbooks

    It's funny how we all get excited whenever we see song books then gets impatience when the link does not work. I had a good laugh. Thank you for sharing. Yes I agree you should publish your hard work. It looks great.
  10. Brenda Wong

    my songbooks

    I tried on the desktop , it doesn't work . Looking forward to seeing it.
  11. Brenda Wong

    String Buzzing mystery

    This Kala solid uku was in good condition until I changed to the red Aquila strings. 'A ' string started to buzz. I finally changed to Oasis strings, it seems to fix the A then a week later the E started to buzz. I put it back in the case with the humidifier inserted, wait an hour the buzzing...
  12. Brenda Wong

    Have any one play one of these plastic?

    My daughter (who is NOT a kid) insisted on buying one of these to take to our upcoming vacation. I told her not to buy garbage but it's sound like a real uku with gear turner. Take a look.
  13. Brenda Wong

    Needs Suggestion of Uku Shops in the northern States.

    RE: Ukulele Shopping Trip Selection of solid wood Ukulele in Toronto is extremely limited. Thinking of making a road trip this summer to the northern States . My final destination will be Chicago . I am willing to change my destination if there is a good uku store toward New York States or...
  14. Brenda Wong

    Andrew Kitakis: Thank you for your Web Site

    After all that Andrew has done, I would feel very guilty shopping anywhere else. Just wish I have tried more uku while I was there so that I know which one to order next. A uku a year is a must if you can afford it. :-)
  15. Brenda Wong

    Song Help Request Daniel Ho Polani Fingerstyle

    Thanks for the quick reference. I am stubone on this one piece - Ho'omaika'i - may be I just stick with the high G. LOL You mean the entire book is on low G? Hmmmmm What about his Pineapple Mango?
  16. Brenda Wong

    Song Help Request Daniel Ho Polani Fingerstyle

    I bought this book when I was in Honolulu. I notice from the album that he uses Low G tuning so I tried to practise on my Kala with low G. It just doesn't sound right. I switched to the Kaneila's with high G and sounds more in line with his album...
  17. Brenda Wong

    Uku festival dates around the world

    Very sad that there is nothing in Ontario, Canada 2015 festival date and location:
  18. Brenda Wong

    Which Uku sounds the closest to a guitar?

    I am just curious which brand made the most guitar sounding uku? I realize low G , type of strings, body size ,type of wood etc contribute to the sound. Many of you owned and played with different brand of uku, just thought you can satisfy my curiously. Thanks
  19. Brenda Wong

    Song Help Request Fingerstyle Solos book

    I have the mike lynch 2x solo. It's good at first then It get boring. The only piece I like is The Prayer but he uses six pages of paper. Too much page turning even with four across the music stand. I better try to memorize at least the last two pages. Lol
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