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  1. Phuufme

    Texas Uke Fest this weekend in San Antonio

    Well, I live in San Antonio. While there is no festival there is a pretty active uke group. Here is a link to the facebook group.
  2. Phuufme

    Boston Ukulele Flash Mob

    Free Speech. And Peaceable Assembly. All cool.
  3. Phuufme

    New Jersey Uke Fest, Aug. 26-28, 2016

    Man wish I could go. I have relatives nearby to crash with. Unfortunately we have already planned a vacation that week to St Louis. But I do get to see the Mets play the Cards
  4. Phuufme

    updated my songbooks

    Got it now, excellent. Thanks so much for investing your time to do this.
  5. Phuufme

    New Jersey Uke Fest, Aug. 26-28, 2016

    Shoot. This is my home turf - I am originally from Parsippany. But we just scheduled a trip to St Louis that week to see the Mets play the Cards. I guess I need to block this week for next year.
  6. Phuufme

    License Plate

    So... my wife and I were driving to a gig and on the way we see a Jeep Liberty with the license plate "KAMAKA". I say to my wife, "must be a uke player", and she says, "why". (Hmmmm). Anyway, I wonder who that is and if they are a member here. And I'd love to see that Kamaka. FYI we are in San...
  7. Phuufme

    updated my songbooks

    What arpie said, I get this when I click the link: "I am currently updating the songbooks: adding more songs, correcting a few mistakes, ... I also reorganized the songs in less songbooks and changed slightly the format. I don't know if anybody comes here. If that's the case, let me know (on...
  8. Phuufme

    Runaway - Del Shannon (solo)

    Nice work on the uke. We are a singing band, so I am always amazed at instrumentals
  9. Phuufme

    LR Baggs 5.0 battery life

    I was just wondering what others are finding for the battery life for their LR Baggs 5.0. We play 3 or 4 gigs a month, and while I do not exclusively play the uke for entire 2 to 3 hour gigs, it is plugged in for the entire gig. I'd like to head off a problem where it dies during a gig. :p So...
  10. Phuufme

    Pics from our gig at Cave Without A Name

    Ha ha, funny I hadn't thought of any of that. We had 55 people in the audience and it was a real adrenaline boost for sure. We are working on booking another gig there in late Sept or early Oct this year. Of course it certainly was "fun" bringing our equipment down the 125 steps to the cave. If...
  11. Phuufme

    Pics from our gig at Cave Without A Name
  12. Phuufme

    Pics from our gig at Cave Without A Name

    Ha ha ha. Yep 68 degrees, 100% humidity.
  13. Phuufme

    Pics from our gig at Cave Without A Name

    Here are a few pics from our performance at Cave Without A Name. As you can guess, the acoustics in the cave were unbelievable. My wife is playing her Kala U-bass. I am playing my Pono uke and my Taylor guitar.
  14. Phuufme

    Old Settler's Music Fest, Driftwood, TX

    Look who is the Saturday night April 18th headliner for this event - Jake Shimabukuru. Gotta figure out how to clear off my gigs for that night and see if I can get out there.
  15. Phuufme

    Song Help Request "Daily Ukulele Leap Year Edition" Searchable Sortable List

    Okay whew I thought I was going crazy, I don't see it either.
  16. Phuufme

    Something [Beatles] - Tabbed full song with Solo. (With Video!)

    Cool, I am usually not a fan of "mash ups" but this one is nice.
  17. Phuufme

    Looking for luthier in North Jersey

    My niece has a Martin 00-15 guitar. It has a crack along the back of the guitar just left of the joint where the neck joins the guitar. It is about 6 inches long. We need a luthier to repair it. So, I need recommendations, if anyone knows, a luthier in North New Jersey. They live in Oakland...
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