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    Ambient Improvisation in A Minor

    I got really into ambient music lately and thought I could try it with my ukulele. Some might say this isn't how ukuleles should be played or I'm imitating guitar sounds. But one thing I can tell is I really enjoy doing this. I would be grateful if you share your thoughts on it. Thank you...
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    "Nancy" by Leonard Cohen.

    Original tile of the song is "Seems Long ago, Nancy" but I like the live version where Cohen changed some of the lyrics and the title. A classic L. Cohen song I want to share. Hope you enjoy.
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    "Serenade" by Schubert.

    Here's my rendition of Schubert's Serenade. Hope you enjoy~!
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    "Venus in Furs" .. cover by Young Che

    I did a cover of "Venus in Furs" from the album "Velvet Underground & Nico" (aka the banana album). Instead of using standard GCEA tuning, I used G#C#F G#. Hope you enjoy~!
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    "No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley.

    Here's my version of No Woman No Cry. I used Zoom H4n pro for the outdoor recording. Hope you enjoy it~!
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    " One More Cup of Coffee " cover by Young Che

    Here's my version of "One More Cup of Coffee". Wish to know how you think about it. Hope you enjoy my video. My Youtube Channel :
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    need some advice on buying a young Japanese builder's uke.

    I was planning to buy a brand new Kamaka HF-3 tenor but I accidently saw a young Japanese builder's piece on instagram which totally appealed to me and visited that shop today. what I like about the uke is the unique look. the uke is all solid...
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