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  1. Plonky-tonk

    Good Ukuleles to Buyon a Budget

    We’ve got ukes within your budget right here on Ukulele Underground. Islander is a Kanile’a brand, and I’ve never heard anyone complain about them. edit: ooops, you want solid top. Never mind! But maybe someone else will benefit...
  2. Plonky-tonk

    I can't have a longer nail due to works, should I try getting a pick?

    I don’t have long nails (just can’t grow them) and strum with my forefinger. I’ve found that my fingertips on the strumming hand have toughened up over time similar to my fingertips on my fretting hand. The sound is good to my ears and I am able to get nice dynamics and even angle in to add a...
  3. Plonky-tonk

    Favorite drink to sip on while jamming out?

    Reed’s Extra Strong Ginger Beer When I can find “Strongest” with 3x the ginger, I grab it. It’s the best, but hard to find. (Extra Strong is at Trader Joe’s.)
  4. Plonky-tonk

    Looking for baritone blues

    It works for melody notes, too. The tabs work just the same for GCEA or for DGBE. If you will forgive me for vile inaccuracy here: think of tabs as being about the relative distance between places on strings. The names of notes, the vibrations per second, don’t matter at all. If you are...
  5. Plonky-tonk

    What artist’s songs do you play the most?

    Bach, Sanz, Turton, and Petzold. Sammy was the inspiration that got me realizing that I could play really beautiful complex structured stuff on the ukulele; the kind of music I’d wanted to play for years but never knew where to look.
  6. Plonky-tonk

    What to look for when buying

    Bunnyo, don’t pass up this opportunity if you are leaning toward a Martin T1K! Do try one if possible. I use my T1K precisely the opposite of the way Scrambled Eggs does: it’s my fingerstyle uke because of the delicious warm tone and the clarity of each note, rich as chocolate covered dried...
  7. Plonky-tonk

    You know you're a uke nerd when...

    …all the way to a new bike! Bicycle Acquisition Syndrome. N+1 in all things.
  8. Plonky-tonk

    You know you're a uke nerd when...

    Allow me to sing the praises of a new cassette - larger rear cogs for more granny gears! For under $100 you can make your bike much easier on your knees.
  9. Plonky-tonk

    What to look for when buying

    I agree. My Martin T1K is my favorite, very happy with it. The price is under your budget, Bunnyo, which is nice!
  10. Plonky-tonk

    Humidity and Ukuleles

    Winter brings the opposite problem in my neck of the woods: ambient humidity in the 80-90 range with mold and mildew running amok. Dehumidifiers manage to keep my apartment in the 50-60 range, so my ukes are probably happy. (Books and art, too.)
  11. Plonky-tonk


    ”Oh, yeah? Well my dad can reach a higher plane of consciousness than your dad!”
  12. Plonky-tonk

    Strumming with index finger…..

    Mostly the fingertip, with occasional addition of the nail for emphasis (by angling the fingertip very slightly). My nails are thin and weak. I keep them quite short so they don’t have the chance to break or split. It took me a long time to work out strumming with the index finger. Once I...
  13. Plonky-tonk

    A vast variety of instruments

    Any sound you are looking for, any shape you want to hold, any texture of strings - it’s out there, waiting for you! I love seeing people expanding the uke repertoire; playing classical (like Daniel Estrem),punk, funk, blues, etc. The sky’s the limit, let’s fly!
  14. Plonky-tonk

    UAS Cured---Enjoying Uke Much More

    Sorry! I got the names mixed up. It was Oldjazznut.
  15. Plonky-tonk

    UAS Cured---Enjoying Uke Much More

    According to his age poll, we’re all old enough to know better!
  16. Plonky-tonk

    Looking for a uke with more projection...suggestions?

    I’d say my Ohana Vita was definitely much bolder and project-ier than any of my others. (I am drawn to softer warmer sounds, so while the Ohana was visually lovely, the sound wasn’t quite my thing.)
  17. Plonky-tonk

    Keeping Track

    I do something similar, keeping the string packet envelope in the case and writing dates and notes about what I like or don’t like on the envelope.
  18. Plonky-tonk


    Saddles: Brooks B67, spring suspension power! I have B67 saddles on all my bikes, and was pleased with it on my Tern ebike as well. No padded shorts, I’ve never got on well with them even when I was a more aggressive rider. (I look like the Wicked Witch of the West pedaling into Kansas, but...
  19. Plonky-tonk


    I’m one of those who smashes the heck out of the strings and throws everything out of whack. It’s amazing how much better it goes when I use a light touch, rather than Hulk smashing!
  20. Plonky-tonk

    Why buy other than Martin?

    I have this shirt. It makes me happy.
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