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  1. RyRod

    Feedback when Playing live? My new, custom soundhole cover

    I was tired of my uke's feedback and I knew of guitar sound hole covers but I haven't seen a uke with one. While guitar covers are available at the local music store, ukulele ones obviously were not. I knew I was going to have to go the custom route and after doing a search I came across lute...
  2. RyRod

    My cover of Kalei Gamiao's - Escape

    This is the first song I learned just by watching the video. The clip I used is of his performance at Hawaii Music Supply. It's not perfect, but it's what you get when work gets in the way of ukulele practice time.
  3. RyRod

    K & K Twin Spot Pickup System on an Ukulele Upon Dave Talsma's recomendation I contacted the fine folks at K & K after we narrowed down our pickup options. They put me in touch with Dieter, the owner, and after a couple emails he sent me the Twin Spot system along with the pre amp that...
  4. RyRod

    Bandito Tyler: Mighty Uke Day 3 performance

    This past weekend I had the honor to open for James Hill! Bandito Tyler was the last of 3 songs played. Not perfect. I think it rushed it because I was a little anxious.
  5. RyRod

    Custom Talsma #2: Koa & Ziricote Tenor Cutaway

    Meet Salma, my new tenor ukulele built by Michigan luthier, Dave Talsma. Top: Koa Back/Sides: Ziricote Fretboard: Ziricote Bridge: Ziricote Head veneer: Ziricote Waverly tuners Pickup: K & K Twin spot Strings: Southcoast Medium tension
  6. RyRod

    My Cover of Jake Shimabukuro's - 143 (Kelly's Song)

    Wow, I haven't been around in awhile. I guess getting your first full time job will do that to a person. I never stopped playing though. Here's the newest one. and maybe the last on this uke...... :cool:
  7. RyRod

    Cabin Sessions (Videos from the UU cabin at the Milwaukee Uke fest)

    The Ukulele Underground Cabin at the Milwaukee Ukulele Festival. Don't know where we would be without Ukulele Underground. Filmed on Friday night.
  8. RyRod

    Ehime Maru/Crosscurrent medly for the Jake VIP Cover Contest

    I had no idea what song to do so I did 2-ish... go here to vote (there are a few other UU people):
  9. RyRod

    Kalei Gamiao - Kiss from a Rose on Baritone

    I probably should have waited until Ihad a better feel for the instrument to record this. Oh well, it's not perfect. One of these days I'll learn something specifically for Baritone instead of just taking high g tenor arrangements and playing them.
  10. RyRod

    New (Old) Uke Day - 50's or 60's Silvertone Mahogany Baritone

    You never know what you'll find at an ukulele garage sale. That's right, just ukes. Some were "iffy". Mostly older Harmony novelty ukes. However, the baritones he had out were quite good. There were 3 decent ones; the one I purchased, another one almost identical to it, and a really nice darker...
  11. RyRod

    What to charge?

    I need a manager. It's too bad you're in Indiana, Rob.... Actually, when I think about it, I can only imagine the kind of gigs you'd get me. Thanks. It's a good starting point. Electric kazoo.....hmmmm Thanks! Much Mahalo, Burton! Thanks, this really helps. If I drank and didn't have...
  12. RyRod

    What to charge?

    So I was playing at my company's employee appreciation gathering at the Woodward Dream Cruise (huge car show) and the caterer apparently loved my playing because he asked if I would be interested in playing an hour long set at some of his events. He asked me what I charge and I was like...
  13. RyRod

    Milwaukee Uke Fest -Oct 20, 2012

    Good thinkin. I wonder what a flight would be for me....I'll have to check it out. It's either that, drive, or take the train again. (Insert Ol'goat comment here)
  14. RyRod

    Milwaukee Uke Fest -Oct 20, 2012

    How do you plan on getting there if you go?
  15. RyRod

    Milwaukee Uke Fest -Oct 20, 2012

    of course I'm down.
  16. RyRod

    Southcoast Ukulele String Review: Heavy Gauge w/ high D string for Baritone Ukulele

    Played on my $30 Rogue Baritone Ukulele. These strings are the best that I've put on this instrument. I've tried all sorts of guitar strings but the tension never felt right. The Heavy gauge set is highly recommended.
  17. RyRod

    Southcoast Ukulele String Review - Soft Light Medium Tension (B, C, C#, D Tunings)

    Another long winded video of me not knowing what I'm talking about. I should just play the thing and you'll figure it out.
  18. RyRod

    What wood will absolutely not work as a soundboard?

    If, when, where, who, and how I get my next custom I want something different than cedar/spruce/koa. I'm thinking dark and slightly figured.... Gracias Amigos!
  19. RyRod

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    This.... UWC 2013 might be harder for me to swing because it falls on the last business day of the month and I'd get back the first business day of the next month. Why did I pick accounting?.....Oh that's right, to get the chicks.... :rolleyes: ugh. we'll see what the bosses say when it comes...
  20. RyRod

    Anuhea, Mishka, and Micah Brown (Love and Roots Tour)!!!

    I'll work on one of those CDs for you that I gave Chris, Nick, and Craig. I could type a huge list.
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