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  1. danersen

    FS Kelali All Koa Soprano

    Best I could do is something on an iPhone or iPad. If that will be helpful, please send me your email address. Thanks for your interest.
  2. danersen

    FS Kelali All Koa Soprano

    Kelali All Koa Soprano purchased in May 2021 for granddaughter who is “moving on.” High gloss, high g tuned. Overall nice build with no issues except a nit in the headstock under the varnish delivered that way from the builder who summarily dismissed it when I notified him. See the green arrow...
  3. danersen

    ISO: ANueNue US1,3,5K Koa Bird Soprano

    Hello, Might anyone have a soprano ANueNue Koa Bird to pass along, model US 1K, 3K, or 5K? Thanks, Dan Direct email to danersen via gmail
  4. danersen

    ISO Hard Case for Anuenue AMM2

    Hello — Looking for a hard case for an Anuenue AMM2 with wider concert body. Might anyone have one to trade or sell? New or used. The Anuenue soft case is very nice, but a hard case is better for humidification. I have an Ohana concert tweed with bronze hardware and leather trim or a Fremont...
  5. danersen

    Kanilea k-3 cp premium koa concert available

    Going to a new home down south.
  6. danersen


    Please see separate listing titled
  7. danersen


    I have decided that it’s time to accept the inevitable progression of arthritis and pare down to one ukulele. So, the time has come to part with this unplayed Kanile’a K-3C Premium all Koa concert very recently acquired from HMS and a nearly pristine original 2012 Collings UC1-K all Koa...
  8. danersen

    COLLINGS 2012 UC1-K All Koa Concert Available

    Going back home to Texas!
  9. danersen

    Kanile'a K-3 CP and Collings UC1-K all Koa concerts AVAILABLE

    Both have been sold.
  10. danersen


    I Not sure what’s happening, but the posting preview looked fine, yet the posting deleted the content. [COLOR=#333333]Admins please delete this. I’ll try, again, later.
  11. danersen

    Two Concerts Available

    Not sure what’s happening, but all of the content was deleted when I tried to add two photos. Admins please delete this, and I’ll start over using the computer instead of the iPad.
  12. danersen

    Two Concerts

  13. danersen

    Takumi Concerts x 2 ... TC-1M & TC-3K

    Both heading to their new home, soon. Checking interest in these Takumi concerts ... Takumi TC-3K Solid Koa Concert, 2018, ABS case ​Takumi TC-1M Solid Mahogany Concert, 2015, ABS case
  14. danersen

    KIWAYA KTC-3 All Mahogany Concert 2010 - any interest?

    No longer available.
  15. danersen

    Still Seeking — Ko’Aloha “Noah”

    Deleted 200504
  16. danersen

    Harmonica/Ukulele Exchange, Again

    Only two suzukis remain - new revised post to come.
  17. danersen

    Pardon My Naïveté

    I’ve often wondered about the sensitivity to disclosing prices that seems to accompany high-end instruments. The comments in the recent Moore-Bettah thread have finally prompted me to ask. Why the “secrecy”? I understand anonymity; as not everyone wants the rest of the world to know their...
  18. danersen

    Chromatic Harmonica Collection for Concert Ukulele - Crazy?

    HALF GONE ... NEW POST TO COME I’m thinking now might be an interesting time to expand on Lenny’s Pen Collection idea, so here goes ...
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