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    playing without electricity

    I was curious if any of the players here have ever tried gigging with a uke totally with your voice and uke, sans any mics or amps or PAs, and what techniques you used? How did you play the clubs and venues and house concerts and jams and be properly heard ....Obviously it can be done. I've...
  2. Stackabones

    Uke on Roku

    I just hooked up Roku. Has anyone found anything with uke on it: clips, films, channels, etc?
  3. Stackabones

    Strange Stringing

    I bought an Amigo Tenor Uke (AMT 8) years ago, put it away in storage, and just now pulled it out. It has nylon strings on the 1st and 4th strings and wound ones on the 2nd and 3rd. I've tuned it like regular C-tuning but the middle strings are one octave lower. So, to use South Coast Uke's...
  4. Stackabones

    Lone Star Uke Fest anyone?

    I forgot that it's this weekend! Can't make it this year, as I'm headed down to the South Texas Valley. I've missed every year so far. Hey, Ritata, Plano represent!
  5. Stackabones

    chord D#(?) guitar to uke?

    That's not just D# (Eb). It's actually D#dim7 (Ebdim7). On uke, just slide it up a fret, 2323.
  6. Stackabones

    Liebestraum No 3 / Dream of Love by Franz Liszt

    Nice! The uke sounds really cool -- like a 50s surf thing or Sleepwalk sound.
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    Song Help Request Seeking standard C-tuned uke equivilants for three slash-chords

    Don't worry about the notes on the right side of the slash. They indicate that the chords are in inversion (not in root position), or indicate what the bass player should be doing. These inversions can be played on uke, but it is often easier to play them on guitar or piano, for example. For...
  8. Stackabones

    America the Beautiful on 8-string

    America the Beautiful Lanikai O-8E recorded on a Zoom H4n in the fun 8-string key of Bb! Have a Happy 4th!
  9. Stackabones

    Song Help Request Quizas, Quizas, Quizas HELP!!

    That's a nice version. I don't do it in the same key, but it's similar (and I sing which is why I changed the key). Initially I learned my version on guitar and transferred it over to uke, but I haven't worked all the cool stuff I see in the vid. No tabs -- it's all in my head and under my...
  10. Stackabones

    My First All-Uke Set!

    I've been working up to it and finally decided to go for it at today's Potbelly gig. I used my Kala Archtop Tenor Uke and Lanikai O-8E (8-string uke). No mics, no amps, no guitars! Two-hour gig, no break, but I did stop and chat with a few folks. And I had to tune the 8er ever so often. In no...
  11. Stackabones

    Radiohead on the uke

    Amanda Palmer That's alotta *mights*!
  12. Stackabones

    Song Help Request J'aime plus Paris by Thomas Dutronc - cover by Craftpaper

    That strumming style is called la pompe. The Djangobooks forums are a wealth of information on this style. Great song from a great CD and that uke cover is cool even though the uke is out-of-tune! That part you're asking about just sounds like eight-note strums -- swung a la mancouche.;)
  13. Stackabones

    Let's talk about re-entrant d'gbe'!

    Aquila has a set of these for tenor (my fav uke size), and I'm thinking about stringing up a uke with this tuning. Lyle Ritz used it, but I'm not sure of others? So ... how about you? Have you used it? Do you know about those Aquilas or have you built your own set? Anything else I should know...
  14. Stackabones

    Sallie Mae ... about a girl I met in college

    Just wrote this a couple of days ago. The uke is the Kala Archtop.
  15. Stackabones

    Lone Star Uke Fest - Early Bird Special - EXPIRES in 4 Days...Sign up NOW!

    Oh, man, I thought I was going to be able to make this ... but I can't. Bummer. :(
  16. Stackabones

    Ukulele Jamboree No.6 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Shelley, did you do the poster? You have some cool stuff on the etsy link in your sig.
  17. Stackabones

    Swing/Jazz Ukulele with Gerald Ross - this season - 2009!

    I'm still working on my schedule to see if I can make the Lone Star Uke Fest!
  18. Stackabones

    So in Love

    I love Cole Porter. I do two of his tunes in my sets: Anything Goes and What Is This Thing Called Love?
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