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  1. Jnobianchi

    Deed I Do - The Buck and a Quarter Quartet

    Here's another video, from a couple of weeks ago, our gig at SISTERS Bklyn. We were privileged to be joined by our friend, Kat Edmonson, along with John Gill on guitar. Ben Mealer, who many of you know, can be seen and heard here: we have a whole rhythm section in his ukulele and Brian...
  2. Jnobianchi

    When I Take My Sugar to Tea

    I'm not around so much as we never seem to have video to share, but here's a snippet of our band - The Buck and a Quarter Quartet - playing at Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn; "When I Take My Sugar to Tea".
  3. Jnobianchi

    Out in the Snow

    Hi, folks. This is not a holiday song, but more of a seasonal number. I can only play it until March 20th, and then the spring songs come out. Enjoy, if possible.
  4. Jnobianchi

    Original - "Don't Have The Words"

    Here's one I wrote in vintage style and recorded some months back. I just realized I'd never posted it. Enjoy, if you don't mind not seeing anything..."Don't Have The Words" I've taken that...
  5. Jnobianchi

    Wakiki Chickadee

    Here's a great old Hapa Haole tune by Melvin Paoa - Really, my favorite one, if you have to have a favorite, and yet, I still managed to forget its 'moon' and not 'stars' for those of you keeping score at home. Enjoy, if possible.
  6. Jnobianchi

    "I'm Going Back to My Dreams" Original

    Guys and gals, I haven't posted anything in about a year because I've been playing a lot of banjo and sax in a band, but I've written about a dozen original tunes in that time. Here's the first of them, to commemorate lousy Valentine's Days past, "I'm Going Back to My Dreams". This one...
  7. Jnobianchi

    Late Holiday Tune! "The Holiday Creep"

    Hi, friends and neighbors - It's been a loooong while since I posted anything due to a heavy workload, but here's an original holiday tune, "The Holiday Creep". I recorded a version of it on CD last year, and The Buck and a Quarter Quartet performed it before Christmas this year, but here's a...
  8. Jnobianchi

    "Why?" by Jelly Roll Morton

    Hi - been a looong time since I posted anything, but getting back up on that horse, and just recorded this Jelly Roll Morton tune over the weekend. This is played on a Martin from the early 20's that ws owned by vaudeville artist Prince Wong, and which I bought from a pawn shop of all places...
  9. Jnobianchi

    Another "Ain't She Sweet?"

    Recorded this morning in the car for alternate side of the street parking -
  10. Jnobianchi

    Deed I Do!

    More from the Ukulele Cabaret this past weekend, and the debut of the the Buck-and-a-quarter quartet: Deed I Do! with Ben Mealer on vocal...
  11. Jnobianchi

    "When I Take My Sugar To Tea"

    Hey gang - Haven't been around for awhile as Ben Mealer and I have been working up a little string band - The Buck and a Quarter Quartet. Here are three videos from our Friday night debut at NYC's Ukulele Cabaret: When I Take My Sugar to Tea
  12. Jnobianchi

    "That's Why They Call Me Shine"

    Here's a favorite tune of mine, "That's Why They Call Me Shine", written in 1910 at the end of minstrel era - but rather than being a coon song, it really is a commentary on that sensibility and very unique for its time. I do the tune as an instrumental on the banjo uke, for which it seems...
  13. Jnobianchi

    Original Tune: "The Holiday Creep"

    Here's a song I wrote specifically for Meg Reichardt and Kurt Hoffman's Holiday Recording Party. Meg and Kurt are the nucleus of Les Chauds Lapins, for my money the best string quintet playing the jazz and pop of 1920's and 30's France (and also probably the only string quintet doing that, but...
  14. Jnobianchi

    Plastic Ukuleles

    IF you know a lot about plastic ukes, don't bother. It you know only a little or nothing at all, have a read. If you like pictures of Betty Page, don't hesitate!
  15. Jnobianchi

    Having trouble sleeping...?

    If you are, then save this link to my blog on the Gibson UB-5. It does have some nice picture in it of my ukulele, though I didn't take them. :)
  16. Jnobianchi

    "Golden Gate"

    Here's my entry for Season 93 of the Ukulele, Al Jolson's 1928 hit "Golden Gate", played on my Gibson UB-5 banjo ukulele.
  17. Jnobianchi

    "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

    Here's the Three-quarter Quartet (Ben Mealer, Eli Hetko and yours truly) playing 1949's hit "Ghost Riders in the Sky" at the Ukulele Cabaret about two weeks back.
  18. Jnobianchi

    Stromberg-Voisinet Banjo Uke: Link to Auction

    Hi, gang. Forced to sell this uke to make room for a guitar - and to help pay for it, too. Pearloid covered Stromberg-Voisinet banjo ukulele, circa 1929, refurbished by me with new calfskin vellum. Please let me know if you have any questions...
  19. Jnobianchi

    Happy Halloween! "I'm a Jazz Vampire"

    Here's one more from the Ukulele Cabaret Halloween show; "I'm a Jazz Vampire" from 1920. Happy Halloween, fellow Undergrounders. :)
  20. Jnobianchi

    'Tain't No Sin to Take off Your Skin and Dance Around in Your Bones

    Here's the Three-Quarter Quartet - Ben Mealer (uke), Eli Hetko (guitar) and me (banjo uke) - with a quick take on a Walter Donaldson hit, 'Taint No Sin to Take off Your Skin and Dance Around in Your Bones. This recorded last Friday night, 10/19, at the Ukulele Cabaret's Halloween show at...
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