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  1. ukuLily Mars

    Season 109 of the Ukulele: Girls Just Wanna

    Girls Just Wanna Write Songs! Hello, Seasonistas, and welcome to Season 109! I have the privilege of filling in for Geoff this week, and I’ll start by saying how delighted I am to be hosting! I haven’t been around as much as I would like and when Ralf asked me to step in I knew this was...
  2. ukuLily Mars

    Song Help Request 1920s Jazz site

    Thank you, Ian! Great site. You're the cat's.
  3. ukuLily Mars

    Season 87 of the Ukulele- HAPPY HOUR!

    For The Cloverdale Couple: just to show you that Switzerland really does have wine country. Thought the winter pictures might be more fun. I took these from my balcony. (By the way, while there are many good reasons to visit Switzerland, I would not encourage anyone to come just for the...
  4. ukuLily Mars

    Season 88 of the Ukulele: Forget What You Know!

    Forget What You Know! This week, you are to record a song you do not know at the time I post this thread. (That means a song you haven’t played on the ukulele. It’s okay if you know the song in a general sense, or have sung it or played it on another instrument or on a radio.) If you are new...
  5. ukuLily Mars

    SW Florida Uke Meetups

    Woo-hoo! I will be there when I am next in town! Oh, and I met a friend of my mom's last time I was there, and he plays the 'ukulele. He's up north for the summer but I will ask Mom to tell him about it. He loves to play but he's ready to start playing with some other people. Good luck with...
  6. ukuLily Mars

    Not exactly a gig or a show, but...

    A very special reward for the extraordinary work you do. I'm glad the family welcomed your participation in the memorial.
  7. ukuLily Mars

    Season 75 of the Ukulele - And We're Off!

    The last few weeks have been very educational, thought-provoking, even profound. I’m here to put an end to that. This is the opening weekend of the 150th meet at Saratoga Racecourse, the oldest racetrack in the US, so this week’s theme is HORSE RACING! Thoroughbred racing, flats and jumps...
  8. ukuLily Mars

    Song Help Request How can I sing "in Key"?

    Hee! We've all been there! There's always something you don't like, so good for you for not letting that stop you. I promise you, nobody else is worried about how you move your hand and all that stuff, and yet I absolutely understand that when we watch ourselves we can get obsessed over the...
  9. ukuLily Mars

    Song Help Request How can I sing "in Key"?

    It sounds like your issue is matching pitch, which can be learned. "Key" is not actually relevant; if you can sing a song in one key you can sing it in any key (within your range, of course). But many people have not been trained in matching pitch; in other words, the note you are singing is...
  10. ukuLily Mars

    Uncle Rod has a present for YOU!

    In honor of Uncle Rod Higuchi's birthday, I thought I would share with beginners the famous Uncle Rod's Boot Camp! If you print this up or download it to your gadget of choice, and do what Uncle Rod tells you, your playing will improve much more quickly than it would otherwise. Here's the...
  11. ukuLily Mars

    Song Help Request Suggestions for easy songs

    rem50 held a contest a few months ago asking people to post videos of fun, easy songs. There were a lot of great suggestions and most of them are easy to find. Check out his thread:!-(fun-song-contest)
  12. ukuLily Mars

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    I'm so jealous! I wish I could be there and meet all of you. I hope you all have a wonderful time! (I'll just sit here in the dark...)
  13. ukuLily Mars

    Vintage music songbook

    Ian, this book is wonderful! I just came across this and am so excited to find "I May Be Wrong" in this book! I haven't decided if I am going to play the shapes, or play the chords as named. Perhaps both. Either way it will be a lot of fun to hang out with these wonderful songs. Thank you...
  14. ukuLily Mars

    How many here have started with a Makala Dolphin or own one?

    My first and thus far only 'uke, metallic blue, and her name is Fifi Bonne-Soirée. :D I learned to play on this 'uke, and we've travelled all over. Here we are in Miami in January: I dd not buy her from you, Mike, but I wish I had! I think I lucked out but a good set-up would have been...
  15. ukuLily Mars

    French International Ukulele Festival - June 2013

    Ooh! Thanks for giving so much notice. I would love to come.
  16. ukuLily Mars

    Song Help Request 1940's sheet music needed please

    Worthing Ukulele Jam has a songbook called "Hits of the Blitz." It has some good WWII songs. They're here: You should also check out Dr. Uke; he has lots of old songs, many from that era.
  17. ukuLily Mars

    Any uke players in Dublin?

    Hi Freeda! Check out : You sure you don't want to stop by the Continent while you're in the neighborhood?
  18. ukuLily Mars

    Any suggestions for my next set of strings?

    I'm thinking ahead to my next set of strings, and thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions. I'm newish (playing five months and a bit) and only on my second set of strings -- well, first if you count the ones that came on the 'uke -- and I think it might be fun to experiment a little...
  19. ukuLily Mars

    Aloha from the Alps!

    I’m a playwright/librettist and mystery writer. I live in the French-speaking part of Switzerland with my husband and dog (we’re all from New York). I play a lovely metallic blue Makala Dolphin named Fifi Bonne-Soirée, the Blukulele. (I suppose it’s silly but I find giving her a name helps me...
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