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  1. Njugglebreck

    Suggest me some music with raspy and low male voices that isn't Russian

    Have you looked at the Welsh choirs?
  2. Njugglebreck

    How long should I wait after gluing down a bridge that has popped off

    From personal experience - give it 24 hrs... I tried to string my uke after a couple of long hours....... then had to clamp it again until what felt like forever....
  3. Njugglebreck

    Joined the Dark Side

    Thats nail holes - the top and bottom are from bits of pallet.. the blood stains are on the neck :)
  4. Njugglebreck

    Joined the Dark Side

    I'll need to let all the cuts heal first.....
  5. Njugglebreck

    Joined the Dark Side

    Thanks folks..... I have a couple of little intonation issues to fettle. Then..... do I try to learn more than 3 chords (the ones i know are in different keys😋) or do I start on #2
  6. Njugglebreck

    Joined the Dark Side If I was to make a list of everything I did wrong in the build...
  7. Njugglebreck

    Joined the Dark Side

    Thanks! I was very pleasantly surprised at the sound, considering its components and my lack of skill and patience in luthiery.... I play tenor banjo and mandolin mainly, so I really don't have anything I can compare it to..
  8. Njugglebreck

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    I found a few interesting bits of wood in a pile in the garage..... After some blood, sweat and tears, and a few cheap bits and pieces from the interwebnet, I am now the owner of a slightly misshapen uke! I just have to learn to play it now... Jim
  9. Njugglebreck

    Show us your ukes!

    Nothing fancy, but the postman delivered the final piece this morning.......
  10. Njugglebreck

    From the Dark Side.....

    Hello- I'm Jim, from Shetland, and just recieved a shiny electric uke for Christmas. I'm now waiting (im)patiently for the postman to deliver a mini amp so I can really annoy the Mrs, kids, dogs and the neighbours :-) I've played the tenor b*njo (is there a sweary-word filter here?) for years...
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